Christian Roland-Wallace NFL Draft Profile

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Christian Roland-Wallace NFL Draft Profile, Cornerback

Class: 5th year- Senior

College: USC Trojans

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 200 pounds

Pro Day Results:

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Josh Jobe, Alabama


Undrafted Free Agent

NCAA Football: Utah at Southern California
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsCredit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Christian Roland-Wallace NFL Draft Profile: Bio

Christian Roland-Wallace, hailing from William Knight High School, garnered a 3-star rating from both ESPN and 247 Sports before making his collegiate debut at Arizona.

During his freshman year in 2019, Roland-Wallace showcased his skills in 12 games, tallying 33 tackles and 3 assists, alongside 3 pass breakups and an interception, albeit with a QB rating of 125.1 when targeted. Despite a solid sophomore campaign in 2020, where he recorded 24 tackles and 2 assists in 5 games, along with 2 pass breakups, his performance saw a dip with a QB rating of 104.2 when targeted.

Transitioning into his junior year in 2021, Roland-Wallace continued to make an impact, contributing 40 tackles, 7 assists, and forcing 3 pass breakups, though still allowing a QB rating of 91.7 when targeted. His senior year at Arizona in 2022 was marked by consistent play, highlighted by 52 tackles and 7 assists, but with 5 pass breakups and a QB rating of 91.2 when targeted.

Following a transfer to USC for his fifth-year senior season in 2023, Roland-Wallace maintained his strong presence in the secondary, notching 36 tackles, 8 assists, and 8 pass breakups, along with 2 interceptions, while impressively surrendering a QB rating of 52.7 when targeted.

NCAA Football: Southern California at Oregon
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Christian Roland-Wallace NFL Draft Profile: Upside

Roland-Wallace boasts extensive starting experience that sets him apart. His footwork seamlessly complements press coverage, allowing him to effectively disrupt opponents’ routes. Notably, he exhibits a strong reliance on his technique when defending against double moves and deep routes, showcasing a balance of patience and decisiveness to remain in contention.

With commendable size and tackling prowess, Roland-Wallace consistently finishes plays when in position, and his skill set extends to potential contributions on special teams.

Christian Roland-Wallace NFL Draft Profile: Downside

Roland-Wallace demonstrates some areas for improvement in his game, particularly in his timing when reacting to route breaks, occasionally lagging behind in ball positioning. Leverage and fakes at the stem can disrupt his pedal, leading to moments of being turned around.

Additionally, his change-of-direction quickness is hindered by tight hips, which can result in allowing windows to develop at the top of the route. There are instances where he missteps and struggles with containing positioning on run plays, highlighting areas where he can refine his technique for greater effectiveness on the field.

NCAA Football: Utah at Southern California
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsCredit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports