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The LAFB Network

The LAFB Network is your home for the Los Angeles Football content that you deserve.

LAFB features, analyzes, and narrates the great players and football teams of Los Angeles (Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, USC Trojans, UCLA Bruins, Southern CIF), a city with amazing football history and an even brighter future. While we do break news stories, our purpose is to tell stories. Analysis, film breakdown, and storytelling are what we are about. We are professionals, but also fans, creating a voice for the fans. We also provide an outlet for fans to engage with our staff while also connecting with other fans.

We are THE LA Football Destination.

LAFB also provides industry-leading Fantasy Football advice, as well as NFL and College Football betting guidance.

The LA Football Podcast

Our flagship podcast is the LA Football Podcast, hosted by Ryan Dyrud, and 2-time NCAA Champion at USC, and 13-year NFL Vet Frostee Rucker. It is also part of the Bleav Podcast Network. Listen in as Ryan and Frostee discuss the rich history, exciting present, and the bright future of LA football. With USC, UCLA, Chargers, Rams, and more, they keep you up to date and in the know on all things LA Football, bringing one-of-a-kind expert insight and analysis.

Your Hosts:

Frostee Rucker – Instagram: @TheOrganicFrost

Ryan Dyrud – Twitter: @RyanDyrudLAFB

Chargers Unleashed

Chargers Unleashed is a sports-focused podcast providing Los Angeles Chargers fans, writers, and listeners with news, team and game breakdowns, unique and refreshing perspectives, as well as exclusive special guest episodes with several NFL and Chargers players, HOF announcers, writers, insiders. and NFL Draft prospects. Chargers Unleashed prides itself on providing authentic Chargers coverage as a voice of Chargers fans, and in collaboration with Chargers fans worldwide!

Your Hosts:

Dan Wolkenstein – Twitter Handle: @ChargersHomer

Raised in San Diego, California, Dan Wolkenstein has had a passion for sports since he could walk. With experience in sports writing, editing, pre/post-production, social engagement, partnership outreach, and leadership during previous roles, Dan is now entering his second season of podcasting as a producer and co-host of “Chargers Unleashed” for LAFB Network, where he and his co-host Jake Hefner strive to bring authentic and engaging perspectives, news, and special guests for Los Angeles Chargers fans worldwide.

Jake Hefner – Twitter Handle: @JakeTHefner

Born and raised in Southern California and was a lover of all sports from a young age. Graduated from Cal State Fullerton, covered The Chargers on multiple blog sites over an eight-year span before becoming a podcast co-host of “Chargers Unleashed” for LAFB.

Compas On The Beat

NFL beat reporters Gilbert Manzano and Fernando Ramirez discuss the latest in the sports world with special guests and invite their Compas for topics about food, beer, culture, and our gente.

Your Hosts:

Gilbert Manzano – Twitter Handle: @GManzano24

Fernando Ramirez – Twitter Handle: @RealFRamirez

Rams Brothers

Dene and Nick Vespe are biological brothers and forever fans who passionately discuss the Los Angeles Rams. The show is packed with game highlights, celebrity guests, impactful stats, media reactions, player sound bites, and much more. We make our way around the league, too. If you’re not a fan of the Rams, that’s okay. There’s something for everyone in #RBTP.

Your Hosts:

Dene Vespe

Nick Vespe

Twitter Handle – @RamsBrothers

The Bruin Bible

The Bruin Bible is a podcast dedicated to UCLA Football! Host Will Decker brings you the best content and interviews involving the UCLA Bruins. The Bruin Bible is part of the LA Football Network.

Your Hosts:

Will Decker – Twitter Handle: @WillLAFBNetwork

On the podcast Bleav in Spirits And Sports History, Ryan Dyrud (from Bleav In LA Football) gives you history lessons on spirits and sports history.

Ryan Dyrud
Founder & CEO, Co-Host of The Bleav In LA Football Podcast, Host of Spirits And Sports History

Grew up in Denver with a passion for all sports and an emphasis on the NFL. Moved to Los Angeles where I graduated from Long Beach State with a degree in Leisure Services (Yes the Van Wilder degree). Fantasy Football Guru with a few championship trophies on my mantle. My opinions are my own, but they should be yours too.

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Steven Haglund

Hello LA Football fans! I am so stoked to be joining the LAFB team and get some high-quality content headed your way. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve been a Chargers fan since I was 10 years old when we traveled to San Diego and attended my first NFL game. I saw LaDainian Tomlinson score early in the first quarter and have been hooked ever since! I am also the host of the Guilty As Charged Podcast. Bolt Up!

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The LA Football Network was branded in October of 2019 by Ryan Dyrud.