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The LAFB Network

LAFB Network Origins

The LAFB Network is the heart and soul of Los Angeles football! Launched by founder Ryan Dyrud in 2019, the site has grown from just “another” outlet into something bigger; a place where fans can get honest-factual-and-dedicated LA football content.  

We take huge pride in being the absolute first destination for fans of the Rams, Chargers, USC Trojans, and UCLA Bruins

On LAFB Network you can expect fresh off-the-press news, opinion, features, lists, and media. Each of which aims to offer the most comprehensive, in-depth analysis, breakdowns, and stories you want and need to know as an LA football fan. 

At the LAFB Network, you’re not just getting simple stats and numbers, you’re getting a front-row seat to all the action and excitement of LA football. 

LAFB Network is funded by The Publisher Desk via ads and where noted in articles by affiliate links. Find out more about The Publisher Desk now. 

Editorial Process

Every editor and writer at the LAFB Network understands the importance of factual reporting. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and reliability of our content. And in our best efforts to adhere to this, our editorial process is rigorous. 

  • Every story we write is based on reliable contacts or reputable news outlets to ensure journalist integrity. 
  • Every published story goes across the desk of a professional editor to meet the highest standards.
  • We have been credentialed by all 4 LA Football Teams.

We want to deliver the best, most accurate content possible. So whether you have feedback or want to point out any editorial errors accidentally made by the team, please reach us at [email protected]

LAFB Network Team

The LAFB Network team are professional sports writers who love what they cover. Each writer has decades of experience, offering exclusive news and insider scoops, alongside in-depth analysis, insights, and much more. 

Ryan Dyrud

Founder and CEO of LAFBNetwork.com. Grew up in Denver with a passion for all sports and an emphasis on the NFL. Moved to Los Angeles where I graduated from Long Beach State with a degree in Leisure Services (Yes the Van Wilder degree). My opinions are my own, but they should be yours too.

LAFB Network Future

LAFB Network plans to take its coverage to the next level, expanding our pool of experts, and delivering more exclusives across different media. With you, our fans, we’re breaking the cycle of worn-out, unenthusiastic play-by-plays and instead, setting a higher standard for the world of LA football journalism.

Join us on our journey to become the ultimate LA Football destination.