Calen Bullock NFL Draft Profile

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Calen Bullock NFL Draft Profile, Safety

Class: Junior

College: USC Trojans

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 190 pounds

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NCAA Football: Southern California at Arizona State
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Calen Bullock NFL Draft Profile: Bio

Originating from Pasadena, CA, and showcasing his athletic prowess at John Muir High School, Calen Bullock distinguished himself as a versatile standout, excelling as both a wide receiver and defensive back. Recognized with a 4-star rating by 247 Sports and a slightly more modest 3-star rating by ESPN, Bullock’s talent captured the attention of top college programs, leading him to commit to USC for his collegiate career, underscoring his sought-after skill set on the gridiron.

Bullock commenced his freshman year in 2021 as a part-time safety, logging 473 snaps across 12 games. Notable contributions included 30 tackles, 8 assists, 10 stops, 4 pass breakups, and 2 interceptions, maintaining a solid QB rating of 77.5 when targeted.

Transitioning to a full-time starter in 2022, Bullock’s impact deepened, tallying 41 tackles, 12 assists, 6 stops, 4 pass breakups, and an increased 5 interceptions over 13 games and 784 snaps, with a QB rating of 89. In his junior year in 2023, Bullock continued to showcase his prowess, participating in 12 games and accumulating 54 tackles, 10 assists, 15 stops, 7 pass breakups, and 2 interceptions over 845 snaps, albeit with a less impressive QB rating of 97.0 when targeted.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Southern California
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Calen Bullock NFL Draft Profile: Upside

High-hipped build complemented by remarkable length, Bullock leverages his physical attributes adeptly in coverage situations, particularly excelling in press coverage to assert control over receivers and disrupt passes effectively.

Additionally, his tackling displays commendable physicality as he confidently confronts ball-carriers, delivering forceful hits with precision while demonstrating exceptional tracking skills, allowing him to pursue with proper angles and swiftly close ground to make impactful stops.

Moreover, Bullock’s rapid reaction time to run plays enables him to promptly read and respond to offensive movements, exhibiting a proactive approach as he swiftly descends upon ball carriers and effectively shuts down running lanes.

Notably, his speed in open-field scenarios adds another dimension to his defensive arsenal, steadily accelerating as he extends his strides, thereby enhancing his ability to cover ground efficiently and maintain pressure on opponents.

NCAA Football: Washington at Southern California
Calen Bullock NFL Draft Profile: Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports Credit: Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports

Calen Bullock NFL Draft Profile: Downside

Occasionally, he displays a tendency to play with a high pad level, resulting in rounded or elevated breaks from his stance, potentially compromising his agility and quickness in transitions.

Additionally, while possessing a notable size and frame, he lacks the ideal strength to match, demonstrating above-average functional strength that warrants refinement to contend with larger blockers effectively and prevent extra yards from being surrendered on tackles.

Furthermore, characterized by his aggressive tackling style, he frequently seeks out impactful hits but may forego proper wrapping-up technique, occasionally resorting to using shoulders rather than securing tackles with proper form. This tendency to rely on brute force can lead to missed tackles and the inability to consistently bring down ball carriers, diminishing his effectiveness in stopping plays efficiently.