Brenden Rice NFL Draft Profile

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Brenden Rice NFL Draft Profile, Wide Reciever

Class: Senior

College: USC Trojans

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 212 pounds

Combine Results:

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George Pickens


3rd Round

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Brenden Rice NFL Draft Profile: Bio

Brenden Rice, son of NFL legend Jerry Rice, has been making a name for himself in college football, stepping out of his father’s immense shadow. Beginning at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona, where he was recognized as a 3-star recruit, Brenden committed to the University of Colorado, showcasing promise in his freshman year with limited playing time.

Transferring to USC in 2022, his performance continued to flourish, tallying notable statistics over the seasons, including 33 catches for 437 yards and 2 touchdowns in his junior year. Beyond football, Brenden exhibits athleticism on the track, highlighted by his impressive 100-meter time of 10.78 seconds during high school.

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Brenden Rice NFL Draft Profile: Upside

A prolific touchdown-maker throughout his career, Rice boasts an impressive scoring rate, finding the end zone every 5.2 catches, indicative of his knack for capitalizing on opportunities in the passing game. Demonstrating a relentless work ethic, he exhibits aggression in returning to the ball and adeptly maneuvering to create separation for his passer, showcasing his value as a reliable target.

Moreover, he displays astute route-running skills, particularly evident in his ability to effectively set up corners on short slants and execute sharp route cuts while on the move, underscoring his versatility as a receiver.

Notably, Rice excels in leveraging his physicality at the top of routes, employing strength and positioning to create advantageous opportunities for receptions, particularly evident in his dominance in contested catch situations.

With a propensity for outworking and outreaching his opponents on 50/50 balls, he consistently demonstrates a competitive edge and determination to come down with the football, solidifying his status as a dynamic playmaker in the passing game.

Brenden Rice NFL Draft Profile: Downside

Struggling with below-average foot quickness when faced with tight press coverage, Rice finds it challenging to effectively navigate these battles at the line of scrimmage. Furthermore, his drive phase during route running appears choppy and lacks the necessary explosiveness, contributing to a gradual acceleration that hampers his ability to create separation from defenders.

In 2023, Rice’s positioning to protect contested catches showcased inconsistency, highlighting a need for improvement in maintaining advantageous positions in such situations.

Additionally, there is a notable disparity between his tested speed and his on-field performance, emphasizing the importance of translating his physical capabilities into consistent gameplay. Moreover, Rice encounters difficulties in generating and sustaining separation on routes underneath, underscoring an area requiring refinement to enhance his effectiveness in the passing game.

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