Solomon Byrd NFL Draft Profile

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Solomon Byrd NFL Draft Profile, Edge Rusher

Class: Senior

College: USC Trojans

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 255 pounds

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NFL Player Comparison

Jonathon Cooper, Ohio State


7th Round

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Solomon Byrd NFL Draft Profile: Bio

Solomon Byrd, originally from William Knight High School, began his collegiate football career at Wyoming in 2018 as a freshman, where he had limited playing time, seeing action in only 3 games. However, he significantly improved in his sophomore year, recording notable stats including 23 tackles, 8 sacks, and 40 total pressures.

Byrd continued to demonstrate growth as a pass rusher, contributing to USC’s defense after transferring, culminating in an impressive senior season in 2023 where he logged 33 tackles and 7 sacks. Throughout his collegiate journey, Byrd exhibited a consistent development trajectory, evolving into a reliable defensive presence on the field.

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Solomon Byrd NFL Draft Profile: Upside

Demonstrating play strength in his upper body, Byrd exhibits the ability to effectively engage with opposing blockers. Furthermore, he showcases versatility in his pass-rushing technique, employing a diverse array of moves to disrupt quarterbacks at the top of their drop, making him a multifaceted threat on defense.

Additionally, his proficiency in generating strip sacks highlights his knack for capitalizing on opportunities within the pocket, showcasing both focus and skill in creating turnovers.

Byrd displays impressive lower-body strength and flexibility, enabling him to maneuver around edge blocks with agility and precision. This combination of power and bend allows him to effectively penetrate opposing offensive lines and apply pressure on the quarterback. Additionally, his capability to strike and overpower in-line tight ends at the point of attack underscores his prowess as a versatile defender capable of impacting both the passing and running game aspects of the game.

Solomon Byrd NFL Draft Profile: Downside

Struggling with below-average short-area explosiveness and twitch, Byrd’s rush attack often lacks the necessary burst to outmaneuver quality tackles with speed. Additionally, he faces challenges in navigating around tackles possessing length, hindering his ability to effectively disrupt opposing quarterbacks.

Byrd tends to lower his head into initial contact, resulting in a loss of sight of play development and potentially compromising his overall effectiveness on the field. Moreover, setting firm edges with proper arm extension proves to be a struggle, highlighting areas in which he needs further refinement to excel as a defensive force.

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