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Our very first mock draft(s) are live within this episode, featuring what we know about who the Rams have already met with (either virtually or in-person) and how the Rams should go about prioritizing as they’re working their way through the draft board. We also put together some hypothetical trades that we could see before/during the draft which could bridge the Rams’ rather large draft gap in between picks 77 and 167.
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As this big board continues to be carved out, there are a really good amount of late round steals that the Rams could execute on if they play their cards right late in the draft. And in that situation, with the experience they have: we have all the trust in the world. Well, at least for right now.
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Your suggestions were heard via Twitter, and we listened (for the most part). As a result, a Rams Brothers Big Board was born: the first ever of its kind, and it’s packed with insight.
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The Rams have lost almost everyone to free agency, with the exception of Coleman Shelton. The others (Matt Gay, Nick Scott, Greg Gaines, Baker Mayfield, Matt Orzech, etc.) have found new homes across the league — and the Rams aren’t financially in a position to bring any of their main defensive talent back in 2023. With that being the case, the Rams need to nail the draft in 2023, with a HEAVY focus on EDGE and interior defensive line. One way to incentivize Aaron Donald to stick around (outside of the $60MM+ the Rams owe him over the next two years) is to surround him with young talent
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Jalen Ramsey has finally been traded after 3 weeks of drama for a 3rd round pick and Hunter Long, as the Rams prepare for their roster re-model in 2024-2025. Ramsey won’t be the last of their moves prior to the league year beginning, though. We’ve only just begun.
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De-funking the Matthew Stafford trade rumors with a Les Snead press conference was exactly what us Rams fans needed to hear today. Not only was Matthew Stafford the center of Michael Lombardi’s discussion on the Pat McAfee show this morning, but he was claiming that the Rams themselves were reaching out to see if they could trade Stafford. While Snead proved that to be true, he mentioned there are many teams around the league calling them to see what their plan is with their roster. Meanwhile, Matthew Stafford was rumored earlier this week to be retiring, and having Tommy John surgery on his elbow. Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter, kids!
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The Rams have until March 15th (roughly 2.5 weeks) to decide on which unrestricted free agents they’re planning on having return for the 2023-2024 season, and there are roughly 5 or so that we’d plan on prioritizing. The others will either be commanding plenty of $$ in free agency, or just haven’t produced enough in their time with the Rams. Additionally, we look at the other unrestricted free agents throughout the league, and what position groups need the most help — are the Rams in-business to make another huge free agency splash at a key position of need?