About Kaila Morales

Kaila Renay Morales is 23 years old, a recent graduate from Cal State San Bernardino. She studied Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Media Studies. She has interned for the High Desert Mavericks Minor League Baseball Team, and gives daily sports updates for her favorite teams, via Twitter, and Sportalk.

Kaila enjoys watching her favorite sports on T.V or attending games. She wishes to one day visit all 30 baseball stadiums in the country. Her favorite sports include baseball, hockey, and football. Kaila hopes to one day give live updates for a professional team.

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Rams Draft Grades
The LA Showdown; The Rams and Chargers faced off last Sunday in the battle for Los Angeles. The Rams came out victorious to remain one of 3 unbeaten teams.
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Full on melees are rare in football but when they do occur it makes for an exciting game. We are checking out the top 10 NFL Fights in the league’s history.
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NFC North and NFC West division leaders faced off against each other in this defensive match up against the Los Angeles Rams and Minnesota Vikings.
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The Houston Texans face adversity with their star rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson getting an unexpected injury in practice, suffering from an ACL tear.
Rookies Christian McCaffrey
As we have had a few weeks to analyze were taking a look to see if the rookies of the 2017 draft class are living up to their expectations.