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USC Football’s Favorite 7 Words: I-N-T-E-R-I-M

When I was a student at USC I worked In the athletic department. The job had a lot of perks such as access to all the athletic facilities. The cool thing was I didn’t need a key or card to get into the locked doors. I just needed to say the password. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to remember as it’s been the most popular word at the athletic department since 2013. “Interim”.

Donte Williams is USC’s third interim head coach since Ed Orgeron replaced Lane Kiffin. Orgeron, despite being a fan and player favorite, was passed over in favor of Steve Sarkisian. In 2015 Clay Helton replaced Sark after five games. As interim coach, Helton became another fan and player favorite by recreating a similar aura as Orgeron which led to him being permanently hired.

Helton can thank Coach O for his head coaching job at USC. Their interim seasons were so similar that Helton was a make-up call for the Coach O snub. Consequently, Williams will most likely not be hired because of Helton’s tenure and that’s okay. We all watched as Helton incompetently ran the program while schools like Oregon made strides. Whether it’s fair or not to Williams, it will keep Mike Bohn and other athletic directors weary of lifting the “interim” tag.

I really like Donte Williams but I do not want him to be our next football coach. I want to go big game hunting. I want an experienced head coach that is a proven winner. That’s also what I wanted after Kiffin and Sark were fired, but somehow at the end of the season, I and many others were championing for Orgeron and Helton.

We can cheer and support Donte Williams without wanting him to retain the job. Again, he most likely won’t, but let’s not get in the way. This reminder needs to be sent out before the season goes any further. Do not get attached to any success we may find this year. We were all victims of recency bias with Orgeron and Helton. It cannot happen again. So sit back, relax and enjoy this season for what it is and we can all look forward to a big coaching hire down the road.

George Dulcich

Author George Dulcich

George Dulcich is a stand-up comedian and Los Angeles sports fanatic from Glendale, California. He graduated from USC in 2018 but also as of recent has a close connection with UCLA if you can figure it out. George never took an NFL team growing up instead vowing to wait for a franchise to return to Los Angeles. The Chargers came a little too late and now the Rams’ House is his house. Besides football George can be found practicing bits on stage or proudly wearing the checkered uniform of the Croatian national soccer team. You can find George on Twitter @GeorgeDulcich

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