USC Football: Brenden Rice Rejected ‘Million Dollar Offers’ to Join Trojans

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USC Football’s former wide receiver, Brenden Rice, joined the ‘Salute to Troy’ podcast. Co-host Jamal Madni asked Rice how NIL affected his decision to join the Trojans.

“I didn’t go to USC for NIL. I had freaking million-dollar offers in that portal, man. And I basically went to USC, not for the pay. I just wanted to compete. I didn’t never look towards that. But it seems like they’re doing really well and I’m happy for them.”

Salute to Troy

Why Rice Chose USC Football over Money

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Rice expanded on that answer, explaining why he turned down millions of dollars;

“I wanted to be a USC Trojan. Without a doubt. I wanted the competition. I wanted to go against the best guys in the nation and compete for a starting position. I wanted to be the next great receiver. Coming to USC, I knew that I was gonna have Lincoln Riley, Dennis Simmons, and Caleb Williams.”

“I wanted to build on my football IQ as well as progress with my techniques, my understanding of the game, my route running and I also wanted a business degree from the great University of Southern California. I get to go ahead and be a part of Southern California. It’s such a big honor. This university is something huge all across the nation, and everybody knows we are the real SC. And I knew coming to USC football would raise my game to two heights.”

Salute to Troy
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