The Recap Zone: Week 9 Top Performers

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Minnesota Vikings Running Back Dalvin Cook. Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels | Under Creative License

The Recap Zone: Week 9 Top Performers

Alright, folks, we’re back with another edition of The Recap Zone. Week 9 saw the resurgence of Christian McCaffrey but it looks like he’ll be missing time again with another injury. Almost every game was competitive this week with the exception of the Sunday Night game between the Saints and Buccaneers. There were some new faces that had high-quality fantasy weeks and others, not so much. So let’s jump right in and see how my predictions fared for Week 9.

Top Quarterbacks

For Week 9, I tabbed Matt Ryan, Justin Herbert, and Deshaun Watson as my top fantasy quarterbacks. I had a big regression this week in my quarterback picks as only two of my picks were able to crack the top 10. Watson was #9 with 24.24 points and Herbert was #10 with 23.44 points. Matty Ice ended the week at #12 with 22.36 points. The top 3 encompassed some familiar faces as each player has had multiple stops at the top. Kyler Murray was #1 with 37.92 points, Josh Allen was #2 with 36.00 points and Patrick Mahomes was #3 with 30.88 points.

Top Running Backs

Running backs had a really quiet week across the board as only two players finished with 20+ points. I had Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry, and James Robinson as my top guys. Cook led the pack at #1 with 39.20 and is the first RB this year to have back-to-back weeks at the #1 spot. Robinson was the next best finishing at #6 with 15.90 points. Henry for the second time this year scored below 15+ points. He ended at #40 with 6.80 points. To round out the top 3 was Christian McCaffrey at #2 with 37.10 points and J.D. McKissic with 17.20 points.

Top Wide Receivers

It seemed to be an air raid all over the NFL in Week 9 as seventeen WR’s had 20+ points. For Week 9, I picked Antonio Brown, Allen Robinson, Julio Jones, Chase Claypool, DeAndre Hopkins, and Keenan Allen as the top performers. I swung and missed big time this week as only two of my picks cracked the top 25. Allen had the best performance at #9 with 25.30 points. Jones had the next best performance at #23 with 16.40 points. Claypool was next at #26 with 15.30 and Robinson was the last one with a feasible fantasy week at #28 with 15.10 points. Brown and Hopkins both were below 7 points. Richie James, Davante Adams, and Tyreek Hill were the top 3 with all of them in the 30 point range.

Top Tight Ends

Only one TE broke 20+ points this week. Luckily I picked him. I had Travis Kelce, Darren Waller, and Jonnu Smith as my top performers for Week 9. Kelce was the #1 with 25.90 points. Waller was the next best of the bunch with 13.20 points good for the #7 spot. Smith finished #10 with 11.20 points. Jimmy Graham and Evan Engram rounded out the top 3 with 17.50 and 15.80 point performances.

Top Kickers

Kickers in Week 9 had a three-way tie for the #1 spot. The players I had were Jason Sanders, Mike Badgley, and Brandon McManus for the top performers. Sanders was in a tie at the #1 spot with Nick Folk and Tyler Bass with 14 points. AFC East kickers had a nice week. McManus was the next best at 9 points and Badgley was right behind him with 8 points. Greg Zuerlein was #2 with 13 points and Mason Crosby was #3 with 12 points.


The top DEF/STs that I had for Week 9 were the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and New York Giants. The Giants were the best with the #3 spot at 13 points. The Steelers were the next best at 7 points and the Patriots ended with 3 points. New Orleans in their rout of Tampa Bay was #1 with 16 points while Baltimore and Tennessee tied for the #2 spot with 14 points.

To Conclude

This past week was a little bit of a regression for my picks. I couldn’t secure a top 3 in my quarterback picks or a top 6 for my wide receiver picks. I was able to salvage three players to hit the #1 spot which is still a good sign for production. For the week I was 4 for 21 for a mere .190 average. Oi vey that’s not great. For the season I am now 41 for 184 for a .222 average on the season. Right now I’m hitting like an old veteran or a bench role player, whichever you prefer. Nonetheless, we are on to Week 10 and as always, I’m optimistic to move that average up. Until next time on The Recap Zone.