The Recap Zone: Week 8 Top Performers

New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara. Photo Credit: EuphoricOrca Wikimedia Commons
New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara. Photo Credit: EuphoricOrca Wikimedia Commons

Another week of the NFL season is down folks and just like that Week 9 is on the horizon. I didn’t get to check how my predictions did on Tuesday with all the Presidential fuss going on but as I looked today, I think my numbers might be trending upwards. Coming into Week 8, one of my three quarterback predictions ended as the #1 performer for the position. It looks like my streak fell short, but I still managed two top performers at different positions! Persistence is key and the “Boom” weeks I was feeling are looking like they might be coming to fruition. So let’s jump right in.

Top Quarterbacks

For Week 8 I tabbed Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and Derek Carr as my top performers. Wilson remained hot this season as he came in #2 this week with 28.74 points behind the reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes who put up 36.64. Brady had a good week as well as he finished in the top 10 at the #9 spot with 19.06 points. Carr was the rough one of the group as the weather conditions may have slowed him. He ended at #20 with 12.58 points. Aaron Rodgers rounded out the top 3 with a 22.54 point performance.

Top Running Backs

Week 8 sported seven players who were in the 20+ point margin. I tabbed Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara, and Boston Scott as my top performers. I believe this is the first time this year that I have had two players at a position finish in the top 3. Cook went off after a week’s rest from his injury for 48.60 points while Kamara snagged the #2 spot with 25.30 points. Scott didn’t find the endzone and have the week I expected. He ended at #28 with 9.90 points. Giovani Bernard had his second straight 20+ point performance as he and DeeJay Dallas tied for the #3 spot at 22.80 points.

Top Wide Receivers

Wide receivers had solid numbers this week as the top thirteen went for 20+ points and 14-26 had 15+ points. In Week 8 I picked Devante Adams, A.J. Green, Nelson Agholor, Travis Fulgham, Mike Evans, and Kenny Golladay to be top performers. Off the bat, Adams was #2 with 30.30 points. The next best was Fulgham at #14 with 19.80 points. Mike Evans was able to secure the #19 spot with a 16.50 performance. The other three were a different story. A.J. Green was only able to snag 3.90 points for the #78 spot while Agholor and Golladay were held without any points. In Golladay’s defense, he exited early in the second quarter with an injury and did not return. If you had D.K. Metcalf, you were a happy camper as he was #1 with 40.10 points, good for the second-most of any offensive player in Week 8.

Top Tight Ends

My tight end predictions for Week 8 were George Kittle, Travis Kelce, and Mike Gesicki. While I’ll count Kittle for my total this week, fantasy owners got some bad news as the All-Pro TE was injured in the fourth quarter and is now done for the season. He was able to snag 5.90 points for the #21 spot. Gesicki didn’t factor much Sunday as he only had 1.80 points for the #40 spot. Kelce was the bright spot as he was #1 with 24.90 points. Jared Cook and Eric Ebron rounded out the top 3 with 16.10 and 14.80 point performances.

Top Kickers

Randy Bullock, Jason Sanders, and Brandon McManus were the three kickers I had as top performers in Week 8. Both Bullock and McManus were able to put up 7 points while Sanders was able to secure only 4 points for his PATs. The top point-getters were Michael Badgley and Wil Lutz with 14 points apiece.


Though I had Miami’s DEF/STs in my fantasy lineup, I did not pick them in my predictions. They were #1 with a stellar 23 point performance. I had Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Tampa Bay as my top predictions. Philly ended at #2 with a stellar performance of their own at 20 points. Tampa Bay and Kansas City were in the top 10 tied at 7 points apiece. Pittsburgh rounded out the top 3 with an 18 point performance.

To Conclude

Though I did miss on three weeks in a row of the top QB performer, I still was able to add a duo of top performers at other positions which is a positive. For the week, I was 6 for 20 on my predictions, which isn’t much, but it is a trend in the right direction. The .300 average week brings my season total up 10 points from .216 to .226. For the season, I am now up to 37 of 163 for my predictions. The show goes on in Week 9 and I think I’ll snag a couple more top performers. That’s it for this edition of The Recap Zone.

New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara. Photo Credit: EuphoricOrca Wikimedia Commons

New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara. Photo Credit: EuphoricOrca Wikimedia Commons