Los Angeles Rams Draft: Best Edge Rusher Targets For All 7 Rounds

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The Los Angeles Rams haven’t invested much at edge rusher in the draft. Just two picks in the top 100 dedicated to the position in the Sean McVay era. One of those picks was just last season, with the 77th overall pick, Byron Young. He finished the year with 30 pressures and eight sacks, but the Rams pass rush on the whole was anemic.

They finished with the 25th-ranked pass rush percentage. And it hasn’t gotten better so far this offseason, specifically, they lost 31 of 131 pressures in Aaron Donald. Donald’s pressure number doesn’t accurately reflect his affect on the Rams pass rush. He was the tide that lifted all boats.

Finding a player who can instantly inject the team with QB pressures is imperative for the Rams draft.

Best Defensive Line Targets for the Los Angeles Rams

Round 1:

Laiatu Latu, UCLA: Latu has an exceptional level of maturity in his game. His approach to pass-rushing is strategic and instinctual and employs refined hand maneuvers and elusive angles. He demonstrates a keen ability to anticipate plays. Latu is propelled by an unwavering drive that fuels his effectiveness in both run defense and pass rush. His skill set and productivity will translate to the NFL.

Full Laiatu Latu Draft Profile

Concerns over his health and durability died down after the combine.

As a 3-4 outside linebacker who can drop into coverage, he is a good fit for how the Rams have lined up on defense. Latu brings a craftier approach to pass rushing compared to Young, making him an excellent complement to him.

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Round 2:

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Bralen Trice, Washington: The Rams pick at 52 in the second round and there are a few guys in this range that have high upsides, but bad low sides. Since the Rams can’t afford to take chances, Bralen Trice is the right option here.

At 6’3″ 280 lbs with short arms, Trice is a departure from the body type the Rams usually target, but old assumptions are out the window without Donald on the line. Trice’s proof is in the pressures, he finished No. 1 in the FBS in total pressures in both 2022 (70) and 2023 (78).

He holds up in coverage and is a quality run-defender too.

Round 3:

Austin Booker, Kansas: This is where the Rams take a swing for the fences. Austin Booker is pure potential. He’s still a work in progress having logged just 505 defensive snaps. Despite that, he had 39 pressures and nine sacks last season.

He’ll need to get stronger and refine his rush plan. However, his tall, long frame combined with his quick reaction times show promising flashes. He will get plenty of experience with the Rams and offers more speed than Michael Hoecht.

Round 4:

Currently No 4th Round picks for the Los Angeles Rams

Round 5:

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Nelson Ceaser, Houston: Ceaser, a two-year starter and 2023 team captain possesses average size but above-average power. His straight-line speed and instincts may not cut it at the professional level.

Solid production as a two-year starter, with 10 sacks in his final season at Houston.

Round 6:

Solomon Byrd, USC: Byrd is the definition of solid. Highs aren’t stellar, but the lows won’t kill you. He may never become a game-wrecker, but he will add much-needed depth.

He was one of a few bright spots on a terrible USC defense last year.

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Round 7:

Khalid Duke, Kansas State: Duke is a tactician as a pass rusher out of necessity. He will need to add weight and strength to compete, but he brings a tool chest of techniques with him.

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