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Raw tonight was held in San Antonio, Texas and was designed to be a build up for the 25th anniversary of Raw for next week. So here are the results and my full WWE Raw Review.

The show kicks off with Braun Strowman. He claims that he will win the title at the Rumble. Kurt Angle comes out with security, pulls him out of the title match and fires him. Braun attacks security backstage and says he’s not leaving until everyone catches these hands.

Analysis: Good start. Interested to see where this is going. At least it wasn’t a long 30-minute promo.

Titus O Neal and Apollo Crews w/ Dana Brooke def The Bar with a roll-up on Sheamus by Crews.

Analysis: The match was longer than it should’ve been. Lame finish with Jason coming out to distract Sheamus and Cesaro. Not creative enough of a finish. The match itself was average.

Cedric Alexander w/ Goldust def Tony Nese w/ Enzo Amore

Analysis: Pretty good match. I wish Cedric can show more personality on the mic. The chemistry between Enzo and Goldust definitely has entertaining potential.

Braun goes around backstage dismantling everything, lifting the production truck and bringing it down. He goes to the stage and grabs Michael Cole. Angle says Stephanie McMahon told him Braun is rehired and back in the title match. Braun throws Michael Cole into the crowd of security.

Analysis: Great stuff. Kept me interested. A lot of the camera cuts and positionings were weird. Loved the segment though.

Asuka def. Nia Jax as the referee stops the match after Nia injured her knee.

Analysis: I wish they could’ve done this match on a pay per view. However, the match was okay.

The Revival def local competitors.

They are interviewed and say they are students of the game. They don’t play video games or post Instagram photos online. The Revival says they are professional wrestlers, not sports entertainers and won’t let WWE change who they are.

Analysis: Happy that the Revival is back. Interesting and great promo afterward. Can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Roman Reigns def. Miztourage w/ Miz by pinfall after a spear to Curtis Axel.

Analysis: Elias’ introductory promo was good as always. I love that he got the crowd to boo him loudly after the Spurs comment. Miz always delivers in his promos. The match itself was average.

Sonya Deville w/ Absolution def Sasha Banks w/ Mickie James and Bayley

Analysis: Nothing much to dissect for this match. It was okay nothing special.

Woken Matt Hardy def Heath Slater w/ Rhyno

Analysis: Somewhat entertaining match. Matt Hardy laughing In Heath’s face was funny.

Seth Rollins w/ Jason Jordan def. Finn Balor w/ Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson by pinfall from a curb stomp.

Analysis: Good match. I’m surprised Seth was allowed to use the curb stomp. Did not see that coming. Why were the commentators calling it Black Out?

Overall: This was a better Raw than last week. Wasn’t one of the best but an interesting Raw nevertheless. Next week will be the 25th Anniversary Show and should be a nostalgic blast.

Michael Pappas

Author Michael Pappas

I have been a wrestling fan for almost 16 years and have a strong desire to be a part of it. I have been to countless events including 2 Summerslam's, a Survivor Series, a Royal Rumble and 3 Wrestlemania's.

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