5 Worst Quarterbacks The Los Angeles Rams Will Face in 2024

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In the NFL, the quarterback is king. They play an outsized role in the outcome of every game, for better or for worse. So it is important to keep in mind which signal callers the Los Angeles Rams will face from week to week.

Worst QB’s The Los Angeles Rams Will Face In 2024

Week 7- Gardner Minshew/Aidan O’Connell – Las Vegas Raiders

NFL: New York Jets at Las Vegas Raiders
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The Las Vegas Raiders always seem to find themselves in a precarious situation. This season it is at the most important position in the game. Aidan O’Connell took over the starting job last season and they added Gardner Minshew to the mix in free agency.

Minshew has looked more the part of a starting NFL quarterback than O’Connell but is still inconsistent at the position. Their only hope for this season is if their stable of pass catchers can bail out bad quarterbacking.

Week 8 – Sam Darnold/JJ McCarthy – Minnesota Vikings

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers
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The Vikings also find themselves in a tough spot at quarterback. Role with Sam Darnold, who has never proven to be a great NFL QB. Or go with a rookie who barely threw the ball in college, JJ McCarthy.

The biggest concern may be how unhappy Justin Jefferson will be in his new situation.

Darnold has never found himself in a situation like Minnesota. He has either played on bad teams (Jets/Panthers) or not had a legitimate shot of starting (49ers). In Minnesota, he will play in a good offensive system that he is familiar with, with a strong quartet of weapons and an above-average offensive line. If things click, Darnold could completely redeem his career. But that is a bad bet to make.

Darnold faced off against the Rams in Week 18 last season, when the 49ers rested their starting quarterback. Darnold went 16-26 for 189 yards, a passing and rushing touchdown. His 18th best game of his career by NFL QB Rating.

Week 11 – Jacoby Brissett/Drake Maye – New England Patriots

NFL: Washington Commanders at Los Angeles Rams
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Jacoby Brissett has proven to be a quality backup over the last few seasons, but good number twos don’t always make for good number ones. Drake Maye’s 2023 campaign proved that he isn’t the complete package at quarterback. Could he emerge as a great rookie signal caller? Certainly, but it isn’t something I’d recommend betting on.

Unlike the previous two teams, the Patriots offense lacks a proven pass catcher and has one of the worst pass-blocking offensive lines in football last year. Even if one of these quarterbacks takes a big step forward, they won’t look very good in this offense.

Brissett nearly led the Washington Commanders to a comeback win against the Rams last season, when he came in during the 4th quarter when Sam Howell was benched. He went 8 for 10 for 124 yards and two touchdowns in just two drives. It was his single-best performance in his career by NFL QB Rating.

Week 2 & 17 – Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray needs many pieces in place to be a good quarterback and the Cardinals are a long way from having all those pieces in place. The biggest thing Murray needs is a clean bill of health. He has missed 18 games over the last three seasons. The great ability is availability. Until he proves he can stay healthy for both of these games, it is hard to imagine this team threatening the Rams.

One huge piece was added by the Cardinals in the draft. They used the 4th overall pick to select Marvin Harrison Jr. The last time we saw a good Kyler Murray was in 2021 when Murray had four good receiving options at his disposal. They won’t have that many this season either, but Harrison is a step in the right direction.

Murray has only beaten the Rams once in 11 possible attempts.

Week 13 – Derek Carr – New Orleans Saints

Derek Carr is one of the most confounding quarterbacks in the league. He can put his team at the door, but can’t drag them through once he gets them there. The Saints need him to be the most dynamic version of himself to put this team in a position to beat the Rams, but Carr isn’t known to be the most dynamic quarterback in the game. The Saints also haven’t done much to help him this offseason other than add Klint Kubiak to the coaching staff.

In his last game against the Rams, Carr threw for 319 yards, three touchdowns and one interception.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams
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