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In the divisional round in Minnesota, the New Orleans Saints were just seconds away from going to the NFC Championship Game. All they had to do was stop Vikings quarterback Case Keenum from getting close to field goal range. What happened? The Vikings completed a miracle play to win the game, and as a result, the Saints are sitting at home, watching the Super Bowl while also dealing with the thought that their franchise quarterback may end up elsewhere next season.

Drew Brees is set to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason, but many are speculating that he will work out a deal with the Saints to return. However, Brees has cautioned that the Saints are “entering a window of time here where he can really make a run at it.” If Brees wants a shot at winning another Super Bowl, the place to do it might be with his current club in New Orleans.

However, if New Orleans doesn’t work out and they can’t reach a deal, there are other options for Brees where he could possibly make a run before he hangs it up. Let’s take a look at some of those options.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Despite the run that Jacksonville had at the end of the year to get to the AFC Championship game, many still believe that quarterback Blake Bortles is not part of their future. Over the last few weeks, many have berated him for being an unreliable quarterback who can’t put this team over the top when they need to. Maybe it’s possible that the Jaguars will decide to cut Bortles.

If that’s the case, Drew Brees might be a good fit. Although he’s only got a year or two left, that’s the timeline the Jaguars are hoping will get them a Super Bowl championship. Not only would it get them a solid quarterback who can make big plays, but it also gives them a chance to compete against AFC teams like the Patriots or the Steelers with a guy in Brees that has proven he can perform in big games.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are in the hunt for a quarterback, now that Carson Palmer has officially retired, and Drew Brees could be an option in play.

With Palmer now playing 18 holes on Sunday’s, the Cardinals offense will lack the leadership and veteran presence that he brought. Someone like Brees is known for his tremendous leadership, and the pairing of him, David Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald could be a lot of fun to watch. And wouldn’t it be ironic if Brees was reunited with Adrian Peterson after his short stint in New Orleans?

The bigger issue for the Cardinals when it comes to Brees is money. He will not be cheap to sign, and he’ll want a team that he can play for a couple years. However, if Brees is willing to sign with the Cardinals at a price they like, I think he’ll instantly make them a contender in the NFC West.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos have had no quarterback solution since Peyton Manning retired. They’ve had Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, and Brock Osweiler. Those are three quarterbacks who have not been able to carry this Broncos offense. Is it possible Drew Brees can be the one who can?

The Broncos still have a top-tier defense in the league, led by Von Miller and they have a lot of great receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders that might be attractive for Brees. If he’s looking for a second Super Bowl ring, he may be able to find it in Denver. After all, Manning found his way there and got his second ring thanks to them.

It’s been reported numerous times that the Broncos will make a big push for Kirk Cousins, but if that falls through, Brees is another viable option that probably gives them 2-3 years while they develop his successor.

Best Option For Brees?

Drew Brees has a lot of options for him to choose this offseason. He could very well go back to New Orleans and try to win a Super Bowl there. If not, he can explore free agency and see if another team has better odds to get him there.

The feeling is that Drew Brees will return to New Orleans, and that would be a big thing for that city. He has become a figure in the Big Easy and the leader of that community since Hurricane Katrina. He would want to make sure that if he retires, he sends New Orleans off with another Super Bowl win.

Not to mention, the Saints were one freak play away from the NFC Championship game. Why leave your hometown team when they are already built for success?

That is probably his endgame, and quite frankly, makes the most sense.

Drew Brees is near the end of his career, and he has had a fantastic one. The question for him now is: Should he explore his options and go elsewhere or should he stay in New Orleans with a team and a city that believes him? That’s what he’s going to have to figure out in the upcoming weeks.

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