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Some people use television to connect with their family and other people in general. There are entire conventions built around people connecting with other people simply through the medium of televised entertainment. Just think about the massive conventions simply for a single movie. So much love had to go into that movie. The love is then returned by the fans. There are many reasons to love something as great as WWE, and here are a few reasons about why I love WWE.

I am an athletically minded individual, so I find so much joy in watching the athletics involved in WWE. I love to see incredible athletes compete at the highest level. It’s the same reason people love to watch NFL or NBA, heck even the Olympics.

WWE is unique though because it is closer to being like Saturday Night Live. It is live action so if there is a mistake it is just as real as in the NFL, NBA, or SNL. Everything in WWE is scripted just like SNL. The stakes are just as real as in professional sports.

It’s incredible to see someone lift another human being, then the next person does a full 450-degree flip to land on someone else and win a match. The WWE has amazing athletes and it is completely amazing to watch.

I love WWE for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one has to be the connection of the fans. There is nothing else on the planet that is able to connect people all over the world in the same way WWE does. The connection between cultures is incredible. People are able to connect because of a general interest.

The fans aren’t concerned at all about being fans of specific wrestlers (though that does increase a friendship). People are simply able to connect because of little things like “Oh did you see RAW last week?” or “Guys, nobody in the world can beat Brock Lesnar.” People are able to be connected in a way that no other sport truly allows.

MLB fans have the issue of the Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry, or the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles rivalry (which was not so serious this past year). But the WWE is able to connect people better than anything under the large umbrella because rivalries in WWE come and go.

For example, the Shield had a great faction of three people that broke up. Fans of the Shield didn’t turn to hate their friends because obviously, Roman Reigns is the best (especially if you ask Vince!), but my friend likes Seth Rollins the most, so now we hate each other. No. They stay friends to see what happens next.

They are more connected because something they never expected occurred and both friends got to witness it. The WWE connects people more than anything! I know that my family used it to connect the males in the family. My dad, brother, and I would wait up every Monday to see the new RAW. Mondays were my favorite day of the week because of the time we spent together. All because of WWE. That’s just why I personally love WWE so much.

Josh Whitworth

Author Josh Whitworth

Josh Whitworth is a sports writer from Burleson, Texas. He has a degree in English and a passion for all things sports. He has been an avid sports fan since childhood. Josh is a beat writer covering the Dallas Cowboys.

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