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Exciting news came out of the WWE last month. Stephanie McMahon announced that there will be a Women’s Royal Rumble this year when the WWE heads to Philadelphia in late January. This is groundbreaking to say the least, a well-deserved accomplishment for all the women on the roster as the company goes higher and higher in the women’s revolution.

For the match itself, there is only one superstar that should be winning, and that is Asuka.

If Vince McMahon and the WWE want to build Asuka as a dominant, unbeatable wrestler, this is the right choice. Asuka must be protected to the highest degree in order to keep her winning streak alive. Just look at her undefeated NXT run, her whole gimmick was based on being lethal in the ring with her Asuka Lock, maintaining her undefeated streak.

Now the WWE has done a fine job keeping her in stride on the main roster. This hasn’t always been easy for them, as acts like Shinsuke Nakamura and the Riott Squad have been slightly underwhelming. Asuka’s character has been very strong though, with quick submission victories over Dana Brooke, and of course, being the sole survivor, eliminating the last 2 SmackDown superstars at Survivor Series.

With Charlotte and Alexa Bliss holding the titles for their respective brands, there isn’t much of a threat to Asuka’s claim as Royal Rumble winner, except for maybe Nia Jax. As we know though with big wrestlers in battle royals, everyone gangs up on that one person for a group elimination. If Nia is out that leaves Sasha Banks or Bayley with a chance, but we’ve already been there and done that.

There is, of course, the possibility for the debut of Ronda Rousey. On paper it makes sense, but do you really want to have a non-experienced wrestler get her 1st crack at a live audience working with numerous people? Keep Ronda for a safe and easier maintainable moment.

SmackDown Live has an ace in the hole, and that, of course, is the Money in the Bank Briefcase held by Carmella. The blue brand doesn’t necessarily need to have the winner in this one, as the briefcase can be teased at any moment.

In a perfect world, Asuka will be built as impossible to overcome in the next few months with the payoff coming at WrestleMania. If anything they should keep her undefeated for the next year, but I don’t know if McMahon will have that patience.

It’s not the perfect comparison, but she should lose as little as Hulk Hogan lost when he was in his WWE prime. You could have Asuka waiting in the wings for a run of the ages. Just let her win the Rumble and get things going.

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