Who Will Be the Rams Punter In 2023? Assessing the Options After Riley Dixon’s Departure

The Rams have no punter on their roster! How should they remedy this before the season? A few options to consider to add a Rams punter. Vote for your favorite

With Riley Dixon‘s departure to the Denver Broncos, the Los Angeles Rams find themselves searching for a new punter. The team’s special teams unit has struggled in recent years, and finding a reliable punter will be crucial to improving their performance in this crucial phase of the game. As the Rams evaluate their options, they must consider factors such as available free agents, the NFL Draft, and their current salary cap situation.

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Find A Rams Punter In Free Agency

One option for the Rams would be to sign a free-agent punter. Matt Haack and Bradley Pinion are currently the most viable options on the market. However, with the Rams facing salary cap constraints, they may need to explore more cost-effective alternatives.

Find A Rams Punter In The Draft

Another possibility is selecting a punter in the upcoming NFL Draft. Although drafting a punter can be a gamble, it may provide the Rams with a young and talented player who could become a long-term solution for their punting needs. Brad Robbins out of Michigan could be a player they could snag in the later rounds if needed.

Sign After Roster Cutdown Day

Another avenue the Rams can explore in their quest to find a new punter is waiting for roster cuts to sign a “camp body” – a player who may have been released by another team but could still have potential. As training camps conclude and teams trim down their rosters, the waiver wire can become a valuable source of talent for teams like the Rams looking to fill a position of need.

Sign A Undrafted Free Agent

Lastly, the Rams could choose to sign an undrafted free agent (UDFA) after the draft. This approach would allow the team to evaluate several prospects without committing significant resources, potentially finding a hidden gem among the available talent.

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