Battle Of The Robinsons: Will The Current Or The Former Rams Receiver Have A Better 2023

The Los Angeles Rams receiver corps underwent some changes during the offseason, with the departure of Allen Robinson, who was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This trade has reshaped the dynamics of the Rams’ passing game, with a focus more on the younger receivers, and brings the focus onto Demarcus Robinson, who recently signed, adding a veteran presence. In this article, we’ll debate which of the two Robinsons will have the better season in 2023.

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New Rams Receiver Highlights

Demarcus Robinson has had an interesting journey in the NFL, previously playing for teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, and Baltimore Ravens. He’s had pretty great quarterbacks throwing him the ball with 2 MVPs and a Pro Bowler with Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Derek Carr. His career has seen moments of promise, along with some fluctuations in production. Now, as a member of the Los Angeles Rams, Robinson has an opportunity to be more than just a camp body, and possibly fill a role that was left by Brandon Powell.

What Demarcus Brings To The Rams

As a veteran receiver, Demarcus Robinson brings valuable experience and versatility to the Rams’ receiving corps. His speed and playmaking abilities make him a viable deep threat and a potential weapon in the Rams’ offensive scheme. It’s very possible that his speed can replicate that of Brandon Powell, with both having similar 40 times. LA might have signed him with a similar intent to use him on jet sweep packages and to be a general veteran presence in the locker room with some experience.

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Allen Robinson With Pittsburgh

Allen Robinson’s departure from the Rams creates a void in terms of an established veteran presence among the receivers. This places more responsibility on the young talents within the Rams’ roster to step up and contribute consistently. Robinson, now on the Steelers joins another crowded receiving room, so both Robinsons will now play a lessened role in their respective offenses.

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Demarcus Robinson’s Role On The Rams

Demarcus Robinson has the chance to seize a large role in the Rams’ offense. His speed, agility, and ability to stretch the field can create mismatches against opposing defenses. If he can build chemistry with Matthew Stafford and capitalize on his playmaking opportunities, Robinson has the potential for a breakout season. The biggest thing for both of the receivers is knowing their role, neither are the player they used to be, but if utilized properly I think they can find success in their respective offenses.

So, Rams fans, the question remains: Will Demarcus Robinson have more receiving yards than Allen Robinson in the 2023 season? Cast your vote and share your opinions on whether you believe Robinson can step up and become a top target for Matthew Stafford.

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