Watson Holds Down The Fort In Texans Win

Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins
Houston Texans Wideout DeAndre Hopkins. Photo Credit: Karen - Under Creative Commons License

The Houston Texans managed to win a game in the post-J.J. Watt injury. Then again, it was against a terrible team in the Browns.

Although the defense didn’t do much this Sunday, it didn’t matter, as the offense came alive and managed to put the shutdown on the Browns as they won 33-17.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson threw three touchdowns passes in the win and according to ESPN Stats & Information his 15 touchdown passes total this season are now the most by a rookie quarterback since the NFL-AFL merger.

Watson said about breaking this record, “It’s pretty cool…I should have had more. I missed some opportunities. But if you look at the big picture and kind of see the things I’m doing, it goes all to the supporting cast and the people that push me.”

Watson After Sunday’s Win

Watson is having a tremendous six weeks so far and I’m picturing big things for this kid for the future. But for right now, he’s helping out a team that’s missing so much defense.

Coach Bill O’Brien is also becoming a big believer in Watson and believes he’s developing at a rate never seen before. He called him “a very intelligent guy and he’s really never satisfied…I’m not even sure how happy he is right now.”

Well, we have known DeShaun Watson to be a guy who wants to be perfect on every single throw he makes. He usually never likes it when he does something wrong or is less than perfect, which is why he was so good while at Clemson. Now, he’s at the NFL level and so far, the transition has gone well. He’s making great throws and helping this team when they need it most.

The Texans After Sunday

Thanks to Watson, the Texans are now at 3-3 and are heading into their bye week. They absolutely deserve it, especially this young quarterback. The Texans have shown so far they can compete at a high level and put up points each and every game. Their offense can hold down the fort for this team.