USC vs Washington State Reactions and Recap

The Los Angeles Coliseum After The USC Trojans Played The Stanford Cardinal. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network
The Los Angeles Coliseum After The USC Trojans Played The Stanford Cardinal. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network

USC Vs Washington State Reactions And Recap

On Saturday afternoon the USC Trojans defeated the Washington State Cougars 45-14. Now the score is already impressive alone but what if I told you they scored that many points without starting quarterback Kedon Slovis.

Early in the first quarter the Trojans got off to a slow start and stalled out but on third and 12 Kedon Slovis had left the game with an upper-body injury after getting sacked.

That would be the end of the day for the Heisman Candidate. Although not all was lost for this fast pace offense.

Next in line to lead the Trojans would be Freshman quarterback Jaxson Dart. I’m not sure about you guys but if that is not a perfect name for a quarterback I don’t know what is.

Getting The Ball To Your Playmakers

USC was able to put up 45 points and almost 450 yards of total offense and the true freshman threw four touchdowns to bounce back from that abysmal game against Stanford.

One week after the firing of former head coach Clay Helton the Trojans looked and felt different. Not just because they won this game by a landslide but the energy was definitely there all game long.

Jaxson Dart went30 for 46 passing with 391 yards. Now it’s up to new interim head coach Donte Williams to decide if he’s going to continue to roll with the red hot freshman or give Slovis the reigns again. Williams will likely keep the job if Dart gets the nod.

Drake London is going to be in the NFL and there’s just no way around it. London had 13 catches for 170 yards and two touchdowns. It didn’t matter if the corner or safety was in perfect position there was only one possible outcome and that’s a catch for number 15.

Graham Harrell had spread the ball around all afternoon and found a way to get the other receivers involved. Now again you can attribute this to scheme or the willingness to take a risk by the young QB; either way, you need that to win games.

Gary Bryant Jr. and Kyle Ford both found themselves getting in the end zone and that may just be what the doctor ordered. It’s going to be a scary sight if London can put up those numbers and still have other’s score.

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Young Players Stepped Up To Help Veterans

The Trojans looked significantly better on the defensive side this week and even had a couple of turnovers to show for it.

What was looked like a weak spot for the Trojans before the season might actually be the strength of this team. The talent and depth of the Trojans’ safeties is impressive. Chase Williams and Xavion Alford each had 6 total tackles. Freshman safety Calen Bullock continues to shine having 4 tackles and an Interception.

The Trojans run game left much to be desired with Dart being the leading rusher with 32 yards on six carries. It’s no question Harrell is trying to be slightly more balanced with running the ball occasionally. However, as the saying goes ” If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

USC held the Cougs to just under 100 yards rushing and 180 yards passing. If the young guys can step up like they did this week throughout the season I don’t see why this Trojan Squad can’t make a CFP run.

Coach Donte Williams’ future, unfortunately, has little to do with his ability to coach and everything with who’s going to lead the huddles come gameday.

Regardless of who coach Williams chooses, it looks like he already has the love and respect from his staff and players.