USC Uniform Watch: Should The Trojans Bring Back The Chrome Helmet In 2023?

It's an age old question: Stick with tradition or update to stay with the times? The USC Uniform has stuck with the former. Except the Shiny Helmet.

The University of Southern California Trojans‘ football team is known for its iconic crimson and gold uniforms, a symbol of the school’s rich history and tradition in college football. However, in recent years, the team has experimented with alternate helmets, including a flashy chrome version that has stirred up quite a debate among fans and alumni.

Our friends at Barstool USC posed this question a few weeks ago
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Should The Shiny Helmet Be A USC Uniform Staple

The chrome helmet debuted in a game against the Colorado Buffaloes in 2014. The sparkling headgear, contrasted with the traditional cardinal and gold USC uniforms, made for a striking aesthetic. Some fans loved the modern twist, arguing that it added a touch of flair and excitement to the Trojans’ classic look. Others, however, felt that the chrome helmet strayed too far from USC’s storied tradition, favoring the timeless elegance of the standard cardinal helmet.

In the years since its debut, the chrome helmet has made sporadic appearances but has not been officially adopted as a regular feature of the USC uniform. The conversation around its potential return is once again gaining momentum, and we want to know what you think.

Should the Trojans bring back the chrome helmet? Do you believe it adds a contemporary edge to the USC uniform, or do you prefer the traditional cardinal helmet that has been a staple of USC football for decades?

Vote in our poll below and join the debate. Your opinion could help shape the future look of the USC Trojans. Cast your vote and let’s settle this debate once and for all!