USC Trojans DL Coach Eric Henderson: ‘Can’t Help But Win With Me,’ Backed By Coaching Track Record

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USC Trojans defensive line coach, Eric Henderson joined the Salute To Troy podcast and laid out how he plans to transform, not only the USC defense but the entire team with his ethos of DAWGWork. A way of life that goes beyond the football field.

Coach Henderson describes DawgWork like this, “It’s a mentality. It’s a way of life. It’s the way you go about your day-to-day business, having the right attitude. We are in control of our attitude every day.  The work ethic that comes with that in the sports world or just in your day-to-day life.”

“You have to have some type of discipline, attitude, work ethic and then having some type of grit to be able to withstand challenges that come your way. When you’re willing to do what it takes to achieve greatness or accomplish those goals that you set for yourself, you become obsessed with how that feels. Obsessed with wanting to strive for greatness with a killer instinct to finish the competition or finish the job.”

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The Track Record Eric Henderson Brings To The USC Trojans

Henderson went on to describe how this mentality has propelled the Rams players he has coached,

“Obviously, they know Aaron [Donald]. He’s the best to ever play the game at the position. That’ is phenomenal. It’s helped me as a coach to coach a guy like that because you have to find ways to help him be who he is and that comes from developing the guys around him. Like Kobe Turner and Byron Young and Jonah Williams. A’Shawn Robinson having the best years of his career playing with us. And Greg Games and Sebastian Joseph Day and even Michael Brockers having the best years of his career when we played together, and Morgan Fox too.”

He didn’t just talk about his effect on professionals, he also talked about his first coaching opportunity in with the Georgia Military College over a decade ago. He spoke about, “the opportunity to recruit some of the most talented individuals I’ve ever seen..” “.. some didn’t have the money and some of those guys that didn’t have the grades.”

He learned he needed to take care of the basic needs of his players, even providing food and water on long bus rides. And what what reason? As Henderson puts it, “..what people don’t understand is that that goes a long way because those guys played their tails off.” “I had guys like Trent Brown, who’s in the National Football League. Neville Hewitt is still playing for the Houston Texans.”

Success is what Eric Henderson wants the USC Trojans players to expect because he has a track record and a proven method of development, “Understand. I’ve been in this profession for a while now, and I know what that looks like…” “..You can’t help but win with me. You can still win in life without playing in the NFL. It’s not all about that. However, you’ll have the best shot at playing in the NFL.”

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