USC Trojans Defensive Coordinator Alex Grinch Says Vaki Touchdown Play “Hasn’t Shown Up On Video”

During Tuesday’s media availability after USC’s practice, Defensive Coordinator Alex Grinch was asked about the 3rd play of the game against Utah. The play saw talented utility player Sione Vaki turn a wheel route into a 53-yard touchdown. Freshman edge rusher Braylan Shelby was tasked with the coverage…

Below is Coach Alex Grinch’s response:

It is understandable to be aggressive and to potentially base your personnel package on the opposing grouping, but the problematic part of this answer is Coach Grinch’s reference to this particular play not showing up on video.

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Here is the same play, Utah ran it against Cal just one week prior:

Looks like pretty much the exact same play, just ran to the opposite side of the field.

Coaches are never going to tell the media everything, especially when it comes to schemes, play calls, etc., but to flat-out say that they hadn’t seen the team run this play design before is certainly alarming. This micro error tells a much more disconcerting story at the macro level. Was this just a cover-up for a bad play call? Are they unprepared and not watching film?

Regardless, it’s a REALLY bad look.