USC Football: Heisman Winner Says Reggie Bush Should ‘Unequivocally. Without A Doubt.’ Get His Heisman Trophy Back

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Former Texas A&M quarterback and 2012’s Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny Manziel went on the Club Shay Shay podcast with Shannon Sharpe and was asked whether or not USC football great, Reggie Bush, should get his Heisman Trophy back.

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“[Reggie Bush] deserves to be on that stage with us [Heisman Trophy winners] every year unequivocally without a doubt without a question.” Manziel said, “He is one of the best college football players to ever lace them up. And he has a very, very good argument to be considered the best ever in college football.”

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Manziel On Why Bush Should Be Acquitted Of Past Violations:

“What Reggie did then is legal now. Somebody could do it and it wouldn’t make him ineligible now. Even though it did at the time. In the grand scheme of things I probably did way worse [violations] than Reggie.”

“I will always stand on this table right here for Reggie Bush and do anything that I can in my power to make sure. It is possible for him to even get his trophy back.”

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Manziel on what it would take for the trophy to be reinstated:

“I’ve been told that Reggie can’t get his Heisman Trophy back until the NCAA makes his records and his accolades on the field for that year reinstated. As we know what the NCAA is now, what do you think the chances are that they’re going to do the right thing. Not looking likely. They’ve been so wrong with so many things that you would hope that one day they would do the right thing and do this.”

Manziel isn’t alone in his thinking among the Heisman Fraternity:

“There’s chatter. There’s chirp going around that nobody in this crew, in this Heisman fraternity. It doesn’t sit right with us that Reggie ain’t up there with us every year.”

Manziel specifically referenced Troy Smith, 2006’s winner from Ohio State, as someone who feels the same way.

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