UCLA Vs Washington State Expert Picks: Who Wins?

The LA Football Network staff make their picks for the UCLA Bruins vs Washington State Cougars game.

The UCLA Bruins host the Washington State Cougars at the Rose Bowl on Saturday. After a tough loss at the hands of the Utes in Utah, the Bruins had a much-needed bye to get back on track.

Now the 13th-ranked Cougars come to town as they look to remain undefeated.

What do the experts at the LA Football Network think? Will UCLA rebound and get back in the winning column, or will they lose their 2nd in a row and fall lower in the PAC-12 standings?

UCLA Vs Washington State Expert Picks: Who Wins?

Jamal MadniUCLA
Will DeckerUCLA
Amar DesaiWashington State
Ryan DyrudUCLA
Brittany BetsUCLA
Alfred RoweWashington State
Chauncey TeleseUCLA

LAFB Staff Picks UCLA 6-2

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