UCLA Football Insider Proposes New Spring Game Tradition, “A Dynamic Event That Could Take Over LA.”

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Jamal Madni of the Bruin Bible podcast shared an exciting idea to inject even more excitement into one of college football’s longest and greatest rivalries. Madni suggests the USC/UCLA football rivalry should spill beyond the boarders of the annual Victory Bell game and should first manifest itself in a head-to-head spring scrimmage.

USC Vs UCLA Football in the Spring

“I am proposing that we have the Spring Bell game? That is the the spring game between USC and UCLA and really get this city invest. A House divided, crosstown rivalry, and dial it up even more.”

“It would be incredible if we had the annual spring game be a USC/UCLA game.” Madni says, “A spring game for UCLA versus USC. They’re only 11 miles apart. They’d really get an opportunity to test the ones versus the ones. The two verses the twos. The three verses the threes. Really measure themselves against thier crosstown rival and then really set that as the point of departure for the season in terms of development and excellence and execution, and then you meet at the end of the season to see how the journey took place. How fun would that be?

NCAA Football: California at UCLA
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Madni went on to delve into more detail on how to inject even more juice into the event, including treating it like a community event and using Victory Bell winner to determine hosting right for the ‘Spring Bell’ scrimmage

“It could even be a Friday night lights concept. A great carnival style for both sides. You have the pageantry on both sides. It would just be such a dynamic event that could really take over this city in a very meaningful way in the spring.”

“It would be hosted at the site where the actual victory game Bell would not be played. So you have the alternate site. You could even have a situation where the winner of the victory Bell last year gets to host it.”

NCAA Football: Southern California at UCLA
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