Which UCLA Football Player Should Be the Highest Rated in EA Sports College Football 25?

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With the 2024 college football season just about underway, UCLA Football has a roster packed with talent and potential. As they make their debut in the Big Ten conference, several standout players could make a significant impact and deserve high ratings in the upcoming EA Sports College Football ’25 game. Here are the key contenders:

Which UCLA Football Player Should Be the Highest Rated in NCAA 25?

J. Michael Sturdivant, WR

J. Michael Sturdivant transferred from Cal and quickly became a key player for the UCLA Bruins. In the 2023 season, he tallied 36 receptions for 597 yards and four touchdowns. His ability to play both in the slot and outside makes him a versatile threat in the Bruins’ offense. Sturdivant’s agility and route-running skills make him a strong candidate for a high rating​ as one of the best players on this team.

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Logan Loya, WR

Returning for his fifth year, Logan Loya led the Bruins in receptions (59), receiving yards (655), and receiving touchdowns (five) in 2023. Known for his reliable hands and route-running, Loya is expected to be a consistent target for the Bruins’ quarterbacks. His experience and production could earn him a top rating in NCAA 25​.

Ethan Garbers, QB

With Dante Moore transferring, Garbers is the presumed starter, and his experience could lead to a breakout season. If he performs well, he could be highly rated in the game​but should start off in the lower rankings.

T.J. Harden, RB

T.J. Harden had an impressive 2023 season, rushing for 827 yards and eight touchdowns. As the primary running back for the Bruins, Harden’s combination of speed and power makes him a dynamic offensive weapon. His appearance in the trailer would indicate a high rating but it’ll be a while before that can be decided.

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Which UCLA player should be the highest rated in NCAA 25?

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