UCLA Football: Turns Out Chip Kelly Was Just Unhappy As Head Coach

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It seems that the former UCLA Football head coach, Chip Kelly, didn’t much care for the job he was in for six seasons. But didn’t realize it till late last year…

“It started when we were preparing for a bowl game (The LA Bowl vs Boise State). Ryan Gunderson had left to go to Oregon State as the coordinator. So he wasn’t there. So I actually coached a quarterback star and I just started to think I hadn’t actually coached a position since 2008. And I think my wife remarked, ‘I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time.'” Kelly told the media during a press conference, “To me the best part of football is football and I got to do football and not do some of the things that involve with the head coaching deal.

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Chip Kelly “Happy” In Life After UCLA Football

It was this experience that kicked off Kelly’s search for a new gig, one that he could focus on football and not ‘the head coaching deal.’

According to Kelly, this is what kicked off his quest for happiness which led him to Columbus, Ohio. This after 15 years of head coaching and collecting a head coach’s paycheck and six seasons of leading UCLA football. It wasn’t he who grew weary of head coaching, but it was that head coaching that betrayed him, having shifted so seismically that he could not go on.

“There’s other things that are involved with being a head coach, and I think it’s more of a CEO operation. Right now. You know, it’s the job and the landscape as we all know the culture changed.”

He went on to describe an apocryphal story from John Lennon’s youth about what he wanted to be when he grew up, John Lennon wanted to be happy when he grew up. Chip just wants to be happy.

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And he has found happiness at Ohio State, “I’m really happy coaching a position. Really happy to be at this place.”

And like seeing an ex with the partner they left you for, we are happy for you, Chip. We are genuinely happy to see you finally so happy.

And if you feel any resentment from being treated a bit like chopped liver, Kelly has some sweet parting words for you UCLA football fans…

“You know, it would have taken a special place for me to leave UCLA because I love those players. And I love that coaching staff.”

Well, Chip. We are glad you found someone special. We’ve moved on too. We found a new head coach. You actually know him. DeShaun? (He likes to do all that stuff you never did and he excites us in ways you never could.)

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