Top 5 Chargers Free Agents They Need To Re-Sign

Who are the most important Chargers Free Agents to Re-Sign for 2023?

Chargers Free Agents: Kyle Van Noy Photo Credit: Mike Nowak | Los Angeles Chargers
Chargers Free Agents: Kyle Van Noy Photo Credit: Mike Nowak | Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers had some standouts this season and a few of them are entering free agency. Here are the top five unrestricted free agents that the Chargers must re-sign:

5 Chargers Free Agents

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Chargers Free Agents: Drue Tranquill. Photo Credit: Mike Nowak | LA Chargers

Drue Tranquill 

Tom Telesco, during his postseason conference, remarked that linebacker Drue Tranquill had a tremendous season and that he’s a great leader who represents the team well. Tranquill was on fire with career highs in sacks (5), hurries (7), combined tackles (146), STOPs (53), and snaps played (1,051). Tranquill is coming off a four-year $3,178,808 contract. With his production last season, the Chargers can hopefully steer north of his previous contract figure and lock him in for the next few years. 

Chargers Free Agents: Kyle Van Noy Photo Credit: Mike Nowak | Los Angeles Chargers
Chargers Free Agents: Kyle Van Noy Photo Credit: Mike Nowak | Los Angeles Chargers

Kyle Van Noy

I was a full-on Kyle Van Noy skeptic for several weeks during this past season. Despite having experience as an inside and outside linebacker, when replacing Joey Bosa while he was injured, it took Van Noy a while to find his groove. Bosa has such power when he plays, that it’s hard to replicate that same level of intensity. And as the weeks wore on, the talk from the off-season saying that Van Noy couldn’t adapt to a system besides New England’s or Miami’s seemed accurate, as he wasn’t making the impact that he had made on those two other teams.

Deeper into the season, I became a Van Noy believer when settled into the scheme and dug in. Brandon Staley remarked during a press conference in Week 16 that Van Noy led the edge for them, and he was also called out during Telesco’s conference.

The Chargers don’t have multiple experienced backups for the edge, so they need to retain all the talent they can in this area. Van Noy’s one-year contract with the Chargers was worth $2,250,000 and hopefully, his next contract will make his home in LA more permanent.  

Chargers Free Agent: Trey Pipkins Photo Credit:
Chargers Free Agents: Trey Pipkins Photo Credit:

Trey Pipkins 

The right tackle battle between Trey Pipkins and Storm Norton went on way too long last offseason. Finally, as the first game was around the corner, Staley declared that Pipkins was their choice. While battling injuries to his knee and ankle, he allowed double-digit quarterback pressures (32) and hurries (20), along with three sacks. But he worked well with Zion Johnson.

When Pipkins was on, he was a reliable and solid protector of Justin Herbert, allowing fewer quarterback pressures and hits than Johnson, Matt Feiler, and Jamaree Salyer. Telesco called him out during his closing remarks of the season, saying he had a good season and that he was proud of him, especially considering the injuries he sustained.

Pipkins is coming off a four-year $3,607,576 contract, and he definitely should earn north of $3 million because, when healthy, he’s good for this team. 

Chargers Free Agents: Bryce Callahan Photo Credit: Ty Nowell | Los Angeles Chargers

Bryce Callahan 

Cornerback Bryce Callahan attacked each snap he played this season. He allowed five touchdowns and intercepted three passes; each a career-high. He suffered a couple of groin injuries throughout the season but otherwise had good all-around production when it came to pass rush, receiver coverage, and run defense. He struggled against higher-powered receivers like Davante Adams or backs like Christian McCaffrey. In his defense, he was injured during that second Raiders game, and he had a solid run defense grade according to Pro Football Focus of 65 during the 49ers game, so while not great, it could have been much worse. 

He was on a one-year contract with the Chargers worth $1,272,500, and with his production, he has definitely earned an extension. He and Michael Davis are the key pieces in the cornerback room, and Ja’Sir Taylor is going to complement them nicely as a third option, once he has time this offseason to develop further after his rookie year. 

Chargers Free Agents: JK Scott Photo Credit:

J.K. Scott 

Punter J.K. Scott was great for the Chargers this past season, adding a lot to an improving special teams unit. He dropped 33 punts inside the 20-yard line, which was a career-high. His kick hangtime was the second highest it’s been of his career at 4.71 seconds. Scott added a veteran element to the team, which elevated them. This past season, he signed a one-year contract worth $965,000 with the Chargers and hopefully he’ll get more than that if he’s re-signed.