Time To Talk Rams Kickers: Who Is The Long-Term Answer In LA?

The Los Angeles Rams kicker has been treated like an afterthought. And the outcome of doing so is evident. In the Rams have missed out on 201 points due to missed field goals. The Rams came into this season without an actual answer to who would be the team’s placekicker. They played rookie undrafted free agent, Tanner Brown, through the preseason, only to sign Brett Maher before the regular season. Maher missed six field goals and an extra point and was released at the end of October.

Lucas Havrisik was signed by the Rams after Maher was dismissed and Havrisik has since missed three field goals and an extra point in five games. Havrisik’s most recent missed field goal came in the Cleveland Browns game. But two other kicks nearly went wide of the uprights.

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so those near misses, can’t be held against him. But it doesn’t inspire confidence in the young kicker.

Rams Kickers In 2023

The Rams organization’s view of 2023 seems to be that they are content for it to be whatever it will be. They are among the bottom teams in free agent spending and cash spending. But they have made moves to shore up the weak spots on the roster. They added Ahkello Witherspoon to the secondary, signed Carson Wentz when it was apparent that they needed a viable backup and, to be perfectly on the nose, they fired Maher and signed Havrisik.

None of those moves were high-dollar or long-term commitments, but it does signal that the team will make necessary moves to keep them as a competitive team.

There are a handful of veteran kickers still available in free agency. Mason Crosby was on the Rams shortlist to replace Maher. Robbie Gould and Ryan Succop are both free agents and both have career field goal percentages in the 80s

An Answer in 2024?

It would be hard to imagine the Rams using one of their higher draft picks to select the future of the position. It hasn’t been a place that smart franchises draft largely because the draft position hasn’t ensured success for kickers. Justin Tucker, one of the best kickers of all time went undrafted in 2005. Greg Zuerlein was a 6th round pick.

Alabama’s Will Reichard is the scout’s top pick coming out of the draft in 2024.

2024 also has a familiar face for the Rams entering free agency. Greg Zuerlein will be available, but the Rams will have to be willing to cough up competitive pay. Investing in a consistent kicker is certainly what they should do or they will continue to kick the can down the road with band-aid options. Those missed points can cost the team games and that is simply unacceptable.