The Top 10 USC Quarterbacks of All Time: Legends Under Center – According To ChatGPT

2005 Orange Bowl

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the craze right now. In fact, it’s probably not a craze at all, more of a shift in tech and lifestyle. Content, specifically sports content, is the one hallowed ground in which AI hasn’t fully immersed itself in. The human element is too pertinent in transcribing sports moments in real time.

But, for the sake of having some fun, we decided to ask Chat GPT who the Top 10 USC Quarterbacks of All Time are (this will not include Caleb Williams).

SC has a history of unbelievable QB play, so let’s see how Chat GPT did. What do you think?

1. Carson Palmer (1998-2002)

Carson Palmer is not only one of USC’s best quarterbacks but also one of the program’s most accomplished players. Leading the Trojans to an Orange Bowl victory in 2003, Palmer’s senior season culminated in the prestigious Heisman Trophy, which recognizes the best player in college football. His poise, strong arm, and leadership on and off the field made him a true USC icon.

2. Matt Leinart (2001-2005)

Undoubtedly one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in college football history, Matt Leinart’s tenure at USC was nothing short of remarkable. He led the Trojans to back-to-back national championships in 2003 and 2004, earning a Heisman Trophy in 2004. Leinart’s football IQ, precision passing, and clutch performances solidified his status as a USC legend.

3. Rodney Peete (1985-1988)

During his time at USC, Rodney Peete was the epitome of consistency and excellence. Leading the Trojans to two Rose Bowl appearances, Peete demonstrated a versatile skill set with both his arm and his legs. His remarkable career at USC earned him the Johnny Unitas Award as the nation’s best Senior Quarterback and a lasting legacy in Trojan lore.

4. Sam Darnold (2015-2017)

Despite only starting for two seasons, Sam Darnold’s impact at USC was undeniable. His fearless play and ability to make big plays under pressure made him a fan favorite. Darnold’s memorable performance in the 2017 Rose Bowl, leading the Trojans to a thrilling victory, showcased his potential as a top-tier NFL quarterback.

5. Matt Barkley (2009-2012)

Matt Barkley was a four-year starter for the Trojans and became one of the most prolific passers in college football history. Setting multiple USC and Pac-12 records, Barkley’s arm talent and leadership skills were key in revitalizing the program after NCAA sanctions. He left USC as a beloved figure and a role model for future quarterbacks.

6. Pat Haden (1972-1974)

Pat Haden’s impact on USC football extended beyond his years as a player. During his career at SC, he led the Trojans to three Rose Bowl appearances and two National Championships. He demonstrated exceptional accuracy and decision-making throughout his career. Haden’s contributions to USC extended into administration, where he served as the university’s athletic director.

7. Mark Sanchez (2005-2008)

Mark Sanchez’s brief but electrifying time as USC’s starting quarterback was marked by impressive performances and undeniable talent. His leadership guided the Trojans to a Rose Bowl win in 2008, and his infectious personality made him a beloved figure among fans.

8. John David Booty (2003-2007)

John David Booty took the reins from Matt Leinart and continued USC’s tradition of stellar quarterback play. While dealing with injuries during his college career, Booty still managed to showcase his arm strength and football acumen, leading the Trojans to a Rose Bowl victory in 2007 and in 2008.

9. Rob Johnson (1992-1994)

Rob Johnson was an athletic and dynamic quarterback for the Trojans in the early ’90s. His ability to extend plays with his legs and make accurate throws made him a standout performer. Johnson’s impressive college career paved the way for his success in the NFL.

10. Paul McDonald (1978-1979)

McDonald played during the golden age for the USC Trojans and proved it with an illustrious winning career. What he lacked in stats, he made up for in the win column. McDonald went 22-1-1 over his two-year career, winning two Rose Bowls and a share of the 1978 National Championship. Hard to find a QB more accomplished in his two years than McDonald.

Throughout USC’s illustrious football history, these top 10 quarterbacks have defined excellence under center. From Heisman Trophy winners to national champions, these players not only achieved personal success but also left an enduring impact on the USC football program. As the years go by, new quarterbacks will continue to step onto the field, but the legends on this list will forever be remembered as some of the finest to wear the cardinal and gold.

Well there you have it, The Top 10 USC Quarterbacks All Time according to Chat GPT. What do you think, did the AI get it right?