The Recap Zone: Week 6 Top Fantasy Performers

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Julio Jones Photo Credit: Atlanta Falcons - Under Creative Commons License

The Recap Zone: Week 6 Top Fantasy Performers

Alright, folks, we’re back with another edition of The Recap Zone. Week 6 is in the books and Week 7 is on the horizon. Most fantasy leagues have hit their midpoint of the season or are about to. For many, the playoffs are a few wins away. For the majority, there is going to be a fight to get back into the hunt. Some of my picks this week would have helped in that quest. Others, not so much. Let’s jump right into it.

Top Quarterbacks

I thought I was on to something this week with my QB selections. Ben Roethlisberger, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Deshaun Watson all seemed sure-fire picks to have solid weeks. In reality, only one did and his team lost. Watson had his best game of the year and first top 5 finish for QB fantasy points. He was #1 with 32 points.

While Fitzpatrick and Roethlisberger were able to secure team wins, they didn’t help out your fantasy team much. Fitzmagic ended at #15 with 16.04 points while Big Ben at #23 with 10.98. Matt Ryan had a big bounce-back week for the #2 spot with 31.64 points and Carson Wentz rounded out the top 3 with 29.42 points.

Top Running Backs

On the slate for my RB’s in Week 6 were Ezekiel Elliott, David Montgomery, and Derrick Henry. Contrary to the QB’s situation, the top performer this week helped his team to a win. Henry had a monster game going for 40.40 points, good for the #1 spot. Zeke and Montgomery on the other hand had very average fantasy weeks.

On Monday Night Football, Elliott was outdueled by Cardinals back Kenyan Drake, who was the #2 back this week with 28.40 points. Zeke on the other hand was held in check for a #18 finish with 12 points. Montgomery wasn’t any better finishing #14 with 13.70 points. D’Andre Swift rounded out the top 3 with his first big week of the year going for 27.30 points.

Top Wide Receivers

My WR picks this week weren’t so great, albeit one. I had Adam Thielen, Kenny Golladay, DeAndre Hopkins, DeVante Parker, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Julio Jones to be top performers. Only two of those players actually broke the top 20.

Julio off the bat rebounded big for the #2 spot with 33.70 points. Thielen came in at #25 with 14.10 points and was outperformed by rookie Justin Jefferson who landed at #1 with 39.60 points. Golladay was tied with Cole Beasley at 14.50 points for the #20 spot. Hopkins ended at #44 with 9.30 points; Parker ended at #56 with 6.50 points; and last and in this scenario, the least, Smith-Schuster ended at #82 with 2.60 points. Will Fuller rounded out the top 3 with a 24.30 point performance.

Top Tight Ends

For TE’s in Week 6, I was close to snagging two of the top three performers. I tabbed George Kittle, Travis Kelce, and Zach Ertz for top performances. Kittle was the best of the bunch ending the week at #2 with 23.90 points. Kelce was the next best at #4 with 21.50, as a costly fumble caused some lost points. Darn you Buffalo weather!

Ertz was injured in his game and ultimately ended with 7.30 points, good for #22. The top 3 for TE’s this week was a bit of a surprise. Anthony Firkser took the #1 spot with a 25.30 performance for the Titans. Trey Burton had his first big game of the year going for 21.90 points, good for the #3 spot.

Top Kickers

This will be an easy recap because the teams of the three kickers I picked scored a combined 20 points on Sunday. Yikes. Mason Crosby and Greg Zuerlein both had 4 points good for #21 and #24, though there were joined by three other kickers with the same point total. Sam Ficken scored zero. The Jets I think got in field goal range maybe twice. They were shutout. Brandon McManus was #1 with 22 points; he literally scored all of Denver’s points. Younghoe Koo was #2 with 18 points and Justin Tucker was #3 with 14 points.

Top Defenses

There were some pleasant surprises this week for defensive performances. Like for instance, Tampa Bay was #1 with 19 points. I dropped them from my team for the week because I thought it was going to be a shootout. I was wrong and those points would have won me my fantasy week. But I digress. I picked the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs to have top performances. The Dolphins tied with the Arizona Cardinals for the #3 spot with 15 points. The Chiefs were able to secure 3 points for the #18 spot, while the Rams secured 0 points for the #24 spot. Hey, it’s better than negative points. The Steelers were the second-best this week with 18 points.

To Conclude

Alright, it was sort of another rough week, though I did improve from Week 5. The positives though are that two of my predictions did end up being the top point scorers in their respective position groups. As the season nears its midpoint, I know I’m bound to have a big week. At the end of the day, my predictions for Week 6 went 5 for 21, a .238 average. For the season, I’m inching further away from the Mendoza line with an average now at .219 good for a 27 of 123 on my picks. My “Boom” week is coming! I can feel it!