The Melvin Gordon Effect

Melvin Gordon
In his fourth season, Melvin Gordon has become one of the most dynamic running backs in the NFL. (LAFB Network photo)

The Los Angeles Chargers are doing something fans have not been accustomed to for almost a decade. They are winning a lot of football games. This organization looks like they finally got things moving in the right direction.

The Bolts have all the tools needed to really make this season quite memorable. They have a savvy second-year head coach in Anthony Lynn, a potential Hall of Fame quarterback Philip Rivers putting the bow on his storied career, and a legitimate franchise running back with Melvin Gordon. The Chargers are in prime position to make some noise this postseason.

Flawless Drafting

The Chargers over the past few years have done a phenomenal job drafting exceptional college prospects. Players such as Melvin Ingram, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Joey Bosa, and Derwin James.

Consistently hitting on their early round draft picks, it shouldn’t be a surprise the Chargers are this good. All these players came into the Chargers organization on Day 1 and turned into quality pros.

But perhaps there’s one pick that’s paid off the most thus far. In 2015, the Chargers drafted Gordon in the first round from the University of Wisconsin. Drafting a talented running back like Gordon is proving to be exactly what the Chargers needed to succeed for years to come.

Life With Melvin Gordon

In his fourth season, through utilizing their player personnel and coaching schemes, the Chargers have finally figured out how to use Gordon and all his splendor. On the field, he is like the ultimate hybrid running back.

Gordon can catch, outrun linebackers, and truck those who dare get in his way. It took him three years to finally to get a feel for the speed of the NFL but the returns on his value right now paying dividends.

Against the Raiders in Week 10, Gordon showcased his ability to run with 93 yards on the ground. He also caught five passes for another 72 yards, which included a 66-yard touchdown.

With a healthy dose of a running back with Gordon’s ability, everyone benefited from his epic day. The Chargers defense stayed fresh. Rivers didn’t to drop back and throw it 50 times. More importantly, the Chargers with a strong running attack controlled the clock and that will propel them as they head down the stretch of the final weeks of the season.

Keep ‘Em Guessing

At 7-2 and the Bolts can easily stick to this recipe of success and should have no problem making it into the playoffs. With Gordon doing things not seen since Chargers Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson, the potential for this team is skyrocketing.

Unleashing Gordon with an assortment of plays would bode well with how he has feasted in the NFL thus far. It’s quite clear defenses don’t know how to stop Gordon, and the Chargers want to keep it that way.