The Kansas City Chiefs Late Owner Lamar Hunt Is A True American Hero

Chiefs Late Owner Lamar Hunt Arrowhead Stadium
Arrowhead Stadium. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Kansas City Chiefs Late Owner Lamar Hunt Is A True American Hero

The Kansas City Chiefs late owner Lamar Hunt is a true American hero. Hunt’s countless contributions to American sports and American society in general, speaks volumes of his devotion to social inclusiveness for all walks of life. Hunt was not only a professional football owner, but he was a great human being who epitomized All-American values through team sports.

To show honor and appreciation to Mr. Hunt and his entire family, it is only fitting to chronicle his positive and unique legacy throughout American sports. Hunt was the successful owner of a professional football franchise, as well as several professional soccer franchises. After several unsuccessful attempts to purchase an NFL team in 1960, Hunt and Houston Oilers owner Bud Adams founded The American Football League.

The AFL-NFL merger was completed in June 1966 which guaranteed the survival of the league and Hunt’s special place in sports history. Hunt, who lived in Dallas Texas, once competed head to head with the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. He relocated his then AFL team, the Dallas Texans, to Kansas City.

Goodwill Ambassador

If it was not for the vision of Lamar Hunt, Kansas City probably would not have a professional football franchise. Not only did he bring pro football to a football-starved town, his teams eventually brought a Super Bowl championship to Kansas City in 1970.

Hunt single-handedly designed the framework to elevate the AFL, NFL, and the Chiefs franchise to respectability. He hired head coaches, from Hank Stram, who is a legend in Kansas City folklore, to Marty Schottenheimer and Dick Vermeil, who coached multitudes of talented athletes

Hunt was an avid sports philanthropist who shared his good cause for football and soccer. Most importantly, he built his family-friendly organization through hard work and sheer determination. The annual Chiefs Charity Game is the first pre-season home game, dedicated for providing financial support to community social programs and college scholarships.

Hunt’s lasting contributions towards helping people will never be forgotten. To sum it up, Hunt was an owner who promoted diversity, inclusiveness, and advancement.

The Kansas City Chiefs boast one of the largest fan bases in the country. Why? Because Hunt placed Chiefs Kingdom first at every level.

The Provider Of Opportunity

Lamar Hunt pioneered creating opportunities for everyone including African-American athletes. Some NFL team owners were reluctant to sign African-American players because of cultural and traditional beliefs in America. The Chiefs roster in Super Bowls I through IV was one of the most talented and diverse in the NFL.

The likes of cornerback Fred ” The Hammer” Williamson, Heisman Trophy running back Mike Garrett, and linebacker Willie Lanier all wore a Chiefs uniform. Hunt was also considered the owner for second chances. NFL quarterback Joe Montana and running back Marcus Allen, both donned a Chiefs uniform late in their careers. Fast forward to the last several decades, Hunt hired Herman Edwards and Romeo Crennel, both African-Americans, as head coach.

During his final years, Hunt handed over the Chiefs team to his son Clark who follows in his father’s steps. One thing is for sure and that is Lamar Hunt’s good spirit and legacy live on forever in American professional sports.