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When it comes to playing Fantasy Football it is an interesting balance between personal life, work life, and social life. I personally will work anywhere from 40 hours in a week to about 100 hours, if not more.

I manage four dynasty teams, and three redraft leagues. How do I do it? My best piece of advice is figure out how to multitask and blend portions of your day to match your fantasy football habit.

I like to spend my hour commute each way to my day job listening to a podcast that gives me content that I can use to help manage my teams. Another tool you can use to keep up on all your fantasy football needs would be using Twitter.

When I have a player or team I want more information on, whether it be on a game day as to if he’s playing, or before a draft and I would like to see what people are saying about him, the possibilities are pretty endless. Twitter is also a great tool to follow @SportsAlDente for all said information!

Getting yourself into a routine works well, additionally. Tonight, the 100th season of the NFL kicks off with the Green Bay Packers visiting the Chicago Bears in the Windy City. Set your lineups for the weekend prior to tonight’s game. What do I exactly mean by that? IF you have a player playing tonight lock them into their position, not the flex. This gives you more flexibility (pun not intended, but should have been).

Should Julio Jones decide to not play Sunday over his contract dispute (which was the report about an hour ago) this doesn’t leave you Sunday or Monday struggling to be forced to find a Wide Receiver to use. After I’ve set my lineup on Thursday, I let the game play and come back to it Saturday afternoon/evening and check things through again. Obviously, before Saturday evening it isn’t a bad thing to do either, but this covers most people pretty well.

First thing Sunday morning I will check through the lineups with whatever trusted source I have online. I’ll check the in-actives for the Noon games and then again for the three o’clock games. Once more for the SNF game, and then I’ll check them Monday afternoon. Tuesday I will check through for any waivers or streams I need to make. Wednesday, it all starts over. When you put it on paper is sounds complicated, but the best thing to do is have the app on your phone for whichever site you’re using. This way any free time you have you can dedicate it to your team.

Another thing that works well is to remember as many players on your team and which players are on waivers. This will allow you to know how to react quickly when news that Antonio Brown will be suspended by the Oakland Raiders pops up. I won’t be rushing to drop Brown to pick up Tyrell Williams from waivers but knowing I have Peyton Barber on my third redraft league behind Joe Mixon and Alvin Kamara could convince me it’s worth the add.

My final piece of advice that I have is stick to one or just a few trusted source for most of your information. Too many reports are on the internet and they can’t all be trusted.

Best of luck y’all!

Devin Maney

Author Devin Maney

Chef by trade, fantasy football enthusiast by… actually all the time. Devin Maney is currently 27 years old, lives in the suburbs of Chicago and lives for Chicago sports. Devin loves sports so much he currently works full time for an independent league minor league baseball team, the Schaumburg Boomers, where he works as the Director of Food & Beverage, a title he has held for several years. In his spare time, Devin enjoys playing golf, and tinkering with his 4 dynasty football teams, and several other redraft teams. Maney claims “You haven’t lived until you’ve tried my ribs”. He won’t tell you the recipe though, it’s top secret!

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