The Coach And The Don: Charles Goldman Interview, And Jersey Beer Run

Ryan Dyrud
The Coach and the Don NFL Free Agency
The Coach and the Don

We have a great episode of The Coach and The Don this week for you! What is going on with Reuben Foster? A really poor situation that has turned into a really confusing story. We touch on the recent news that has come to light.

Charles Goldman is the managing editor for The Chiefs Wire. We get an exclusive interview to talk about the Chiefs draft, free agency acquisitions, and predictions for the upcoming season. Will Kansas City’s offense change at all with Patrick Mahomes and Eric Bieniemy at the helm? We discuss.

Finally, our Jersey Beer Run segment. You have to stick through the entire podcast and get to our newest segment. Shoutout to the Stick To Football podcast for the idea, but we give it a bit of a twist. Pick a jersey number (1-10), and pick a player that wore that jersey number that you would most enjoy having a beer with! It’s that simple. What player would you most enjoy having a beer with? Let us know below or on Twitter!