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While this week may not have been the most exciting one of the season overall on the field, it did have some interesting talking points like Mike Evans and A.J. Green showing off their fighting skills, the Buccaneers collapse continuing and two surprise comebacks in the league. So let’s take a calm and logical look at all of what happened on and off the field:

Mike Evans and A.J. Green need to fight in the UFC

In case you were buried under a rock this weekend, both Mike Evans and A.J. Green had fairly physical incidents in their respective games that led to Evans being suspended and somehow not Green but that’s a whole other issue.

After a Saints cornerback turned around to challenge Jameis Winston on the sideline, Evans came out of nowhere and body slammed the defensive back to the ground like something torn straight out of WWE.

Green, meanwhile, was fed up with Jalen Ramsey shutting him down and put him in a chokehold after Ramsey pushed him to the ground. Not only that but after using the chokehold, Green punched Ramsey multiple times before being pulled away.

So seeing how both players clearly know how to fight at least in some respect, we have to make this official. I’m talking the football version of McGregor vs. Mayweather. Just a total sham meant for easy money that will still somehow end up being entertaining.

Think about the actual fight too. Clearly Green is a more close-quarters fighter who likes to bring in close then get you with the jabs while Mike Evans clearly prefers the wait-and-pounce method. This fight would be downright legendary and it has to happen.

Browns season is back on track

It’s been another tough season for the Cleveland Browns this year making it around the 50th straight time that sentence has been uttered and been true. But this week, the Browns have turned it around. It is the start of a new half-season for them. Why might you ask?

Because they didn’t lose. Their bye week has allowed the Browns temporary reprieve from the soul-crushing experience of losing week after week and given rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer a week to prepare as he regained the starting quarterback role. He’ll probably only have it for a quarter or two but man is he going to be prepared for those quarters.

The only two names on the Browns injury report are receivers Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman both of whom have been out for the entire season so they are absolutely ready to start the back half of this season.

There is absolutely no way they don’t bounce back coming off their bye week and turn this season around…right?

 DeSean Jackson wants to go back to the Eagles

You know that cliché relationship in the movies when the pair break up but one constantly drunk calls the other because they regret the breakup? I am 90 percent sure that is what’s happening between DeSean Jackson and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jackson’s potential return to Philadelphia was a popular rumor surrounding the offseason with Chip Kelly gone and the animosity between the player and the franchise seemingly coming to an end. In what came to a surprise to many, Jackson decided to sign with the Buccaneers to create what many considered the best receiving duo in the NFL.

Well now that the season is more than halfway through and the Bucs are clearly going nowhere this season, especially with Jameis Winston out for the next few weeks, and Jackson is seeing his lowest career numbers since 2015 when he only played ten games on the season.

There is absolutely no way that DeSean Jackson isn’t watching the Eagles tear it up with a quarterback like Carson Wentz while he’s stuck with Ryan Fitzpatrick like a drunk ex who is scrolling through the other’s Instagram with a deep feeling of nostalgia and regret.

Adrian Peterson will play until he’s 40

If the beginning of this season was any indicator, Adrian Peterson’s career was going to peter out into insignificance on the Saints depth chart and his best days were past him.

Fast forward to this weekend and he is looking like his old self in Arizona. Seriously, how does a 32-year-old handle a 37-carry workload? Peterson is proving himself to be the Tom Brady of running backs and he will clearly do the same thing Brady is and constantly come back for “one more year” despite the majority of people thinking the opposite will happen.

Basically, the only way Peterson will finally hang up the cleats is when he is so old and he dives for a touchdown and just explodes into a dust cloud upon impact. Until then, best to get the popcorn ready because “All Day” AP is still churning.

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