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Raw Review

With a little more than three weeks away from Money in the Bank (MITB), things are bound to pick up as we cruise to the pay-per-view.

Tonight, we’ll have more qualifying matches and promos leading up to MITB.

Join us as we break down the Raw Review for May 28th.

Opening Segment

We start the show with a video package in tribute to Memorial Day.

Afterward, Braun Strowman enters to a chorus of cheers. Stowman claims that he’ll be the winner of MITB and that he is the best in the WWE. Before Strowman can say anymore, he’s interrupted by Finn Balor. The two trade barbs before trading blows but are interrupted by Kurt Angle. Angle makes a re-match between Balor and Strowman for up next.

Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor

Kevin Owens is out at commentary. The two men go back and forth early. Strowman takes control and looks as though he’s going to win. Owens gets on the mic and gives Braun a little inspiration, telling him not to let up. Finn begins to come back and Owens give Balor the exact same advice he gave Strowman, also over the mic.

Balor goes for a second Coup de Grace, but its broken up by Kevin Owens and the match ends in disqualification.

Elias Segment

Elias does his usual bits and phrases and plays a couple tunes. Elias decides he wants more volume and closer lights to avoid seeing or hearing the crowd on hand.

That seems to be the entire segment as they move onto the next match.

Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal

Rollins comes out the gate hot, but after a distraction from Sunil Singh, Mahal takes control as we cut to commercial. We come back to find Jinder still in control and focusing on Rollins’ ribs. Rollins rallies and continues to take it to Mahal. The two go back and forth late in the match.

Off a distraction from Singh, Mahal hits Rollins in the ribs with a steel chair.  The match ends when Seth attacks Jinder with the same chair, ending the match in DQ.

After the match, Rollins celebrates on the stage, but gets hit with a guitar from Elias, whom Rollins interrupted earlier in the night.

Nia Jax vs. Local Talent

Before the match, Nia is making her entrance before being interrupted by Ronda Rousey, whose at ringside for commentary. Jax puts on a literal clinic of what she’ll do to Ronda at MITB while talking on the mic. Jax invites Rousey to “help out” the local talent. Rousey gets into the ring and Jax walks away, leaving Ronda in the ring left looking like a fool.

The Deleter of Worlds vs. The Ascension

Wyatt and Viktor start the match and Hardy and Wyatt take control. The two teams go back and forth for a majority of the match. The match ends with the Kiss of Deletion from Hardy and Wyatt.

Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Owens

The two men go back and forth early as they move to the outside of the ring. We come back from the break to find Owens in control. Owens goes to leave but is attacked by Roode, who drags him back to the ring.  Roode goes for the Glorious DDT, but Owens reverses it and rolls up Roode for the win.

After the match, Owens is attacked by Strowman. Strowman then turns his attention to Roode.

Sami Zayn “Apology”

Zayn admits he went too far last week and begins his apology. Zayn claims he’s been bombarded by tweets, texts, and e-mails criticizing him. Zayn claims that although he apologizes to the WWE and Bobby Lashley’s family, he says everything he said last week was true.  Before Zayn can say anymore, he’s interrupted by Lashley.

Lashley challenges Zayn to a match at MITB and tells him to “do the right thing” and “back up that trash talk.” Zayn agrees to the match and Lashley apologizes for everything he’s going to do to Zayn at MITB.

Drew McIntyre vs. Chad Gable

McIntyre takes control early. McIntyre dominates almost the entirety of the match and ends it with the Claymore Kick.

B-Team Barbeque

The B-Team feeds everyonem then claim that they have number one contendership for the Raw Tag Team Championships. Things break down into a food fight and the B-Team put Rhyno through a table.

Women’s Gauntlet Match

Bayley and Liv Morgan start the match. Bayley hits a Bayley to Belly on Morgan 18 seconds into the match, eliminating Morgan early.

The next contestant is Sarah Logan. The two trade control until Bayley rolls up Logan for the elimination. Morgan and Logan attack Bayley and the next superstar, Ruby Riott, makes her way to the ring.

We come back from break to find Riott in control. Riott hits the Riott kick and scores the elimination.

Dana Brooke is the next contestant and comes out of the gates swinging. Riott hits another Riott kick, outta nowhere and eliminates Brooke.

Mickie James is next and also takes control over Riott. Riott gets the pinfall elimination after holding James’ tights.

Sasha Banks is the last contestant and the pace is quick. The two women go back and forth throughout the majority of the “round.” The gauntlet ends when Banks slaps on the Bank Statement for the second time and Riott has no choice but to tap. Banks is the last participant to qualify for the women’s MITB ladder match.


The night turned out to be a great one with good matches and plenty of lead-up tom MITB and weeks to come.

We saw an IC title defense and a new name added to the Women’s MITB ladder match. We also got matches made for MITB and feuds that we may see unfold in the future. Overall, a great night.

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