Should The Los Angeles Rams Update Their Uniforms…Again?

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos and Houston Texans have announced new uniform changes for the 2024 season to seemingly polar opposite reactions. Texans fans rejoiced while Broncos fans cringed.

With uniform changes on the mind of the NFL zeitgeist, it’s appropriate to consider the Los Angeles Rams. Should the team redesign their uniforms at some point in the future? Here’s a look at the pros, and cons, and whether such a move could be on the horizon.

Pros And Cons Of Los Angeles Rams Uniform Upgrade

First, there are the pros. If announced at the correct time, the Rams could generate some buzz in the media and steal the spotlight at a time in the offseason when news typically slows down. Also, if the move receives a positive reaction, the team could generate a new wave of fans just getting into the sport for the first time. Sometimes, a fan just wants to root for the coolest uniforms. With an update, the Rams have a shot to do that.

Of course, that brings about the cons. If done improperly, the Rams could rub fans the wrong way with a redesign. Some newer fans may jump ship over the change but longer-tenured fans who grew up watching the current uniform could be slow to warm up to the change.

However, that brings up one pro of making a uniform a change for the franchise. With a change, fans then get the opportunity to buy new jerseys, which would boost revenue for the team in a way that could bring about some sort of upgrade for SoFi Stadium or the fan experience.

If an announcement was timed following a successful season, fans may want to represent their team and update their jerseys, anyway. This would open the opportunity for the team to give fans an additional reason to upgrade.

That said, the toughest part of redesigning a jersey is finding something that fans enjoy. Fans can be particular about what they want when it comes to uniforms. Even the slightest color change could upset some fans. As such, unless there’s a particularly impressive tweak that comes about, a change likely wouldn’t result in a perceived upgrade. In other words, it’s a high-risk, low-reward move for a team that could easily backfire. Unless fan sentiment is united in wanting a change, forcing one could backfire.

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When Could The Next Uniform Change Be For The Los Angeles Rams?

If a change were to happen, it would likely come as a tweak instead of a complete overhaul. A complete overhaul risks alienating Los Angeles Rams fans while a noticeable tweak offers an update but also preserves the spirit of the jersey. However, when could such a move take place?

It seems that if a change was going to take place in the 2024 offseason, it would be announced around now. The Broncos and Texans have announced uniform changes without a peep from the Rams.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future. The team has been known to make slight tweaks on a perennial basis, with their big overhaul coming shortly after they moved to LA. NFL teams update uniforms quite often with at least several of the 32 teams making changes every year. As such, it seems inevitable that the franchise will eventually pull the trigger on a redesign.

What Uniforms Should The Los Angeles Rams Consider Bringing Back?

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Of course, if the team wants to switch it up without alienation, it is hard to argue against bringing back some throwback uniforms. If the team wants to toe the line between fresh and nostalgic, mixing and matching uniforms from various eras could inject some additional adrenaline into the fan base.

A swap to the 1980s jersey could make older fans nostalgic for the era of their childhood, back when the Rams were able to earn six playoff berths between 1983 and 1989.

That, coupled with the helmet and pants from Super Bowl XXXIV could be a perfect mix of history and also a new look for the team’s aesthetic when the time comes for a switch.

Of course, with so many uniforms to choose from and combinations to try out, the options are limitless. Even if the team elects to sprinkle in some original sizzle, mixing it with some of the fan favorites would be the most logical way to go.