Sean McVay And Wife Veronika Announce Birth Of Baby

The Los Angeles Rams announced on Wednesday that head coach Sean McVay and wife Veronika welcomed their baby boy on Tuesday, Jordan John McVay.

McVay spoke to the media on Wednesday and talked about the importance of his newborn son’s middle name (John).

“And if you don’t believe in a higher power, there’s certain things that occur that, man, you just realize there’s something special going on,” McVay said. “I come from a family of faith, I’m a man of faith. The influence that you guys know my grandfather had on me — but also our family, he had a special relationship with Veronika as well — and so thought that was only appropriate to be able to name him, have his middle name after my grandfather.

“His legacy he lives on and I know he’s looking down, smiling with what occurred yesterday.”

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McVay’s grandfather, John McVay, passed away last year on October 31.

McVay also said that Jordan and Veronika are healthy and “doing well.”

Based on the vibrant coach’s work routine, I don’t think he slept much anyway, but now he is in for a whole new experience when it comes to lack of sleep. I’m sure there will be plenty of late nights in the McVay house with Sean and Jordan dissecting film.

Welcome to the Family, Jordan John McVay!