Redrafting The NFL: QBs Are King But What Position Is Next Most Valued

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The Los Angeles Football Network

We are certainly in the doldrums of the NFL season and so it is time to get creative with some content that is engaging and will most definitely spark debate.

ESPN released an article recently redrafting the NFL with every NFL player available. PFF then followed suit and did the same.

At LAFB we joined forces with some of the other great LA Football voices and put together our own 2-round draft. The rules are very simple:

  • All 32 teams have a selection in each round
  • The draft order was based alphabetically
  • Round one would snake into round two (meaning the team in the final pick of round one would have the first pick in round two)

LAFB Staff that contributed:

Outside Contributors:

  • Cameron DaSilva – The Rams Wire – @CamDaSilva
  • Gilbert Manzano – The OC Register – @GManzano24
  • Sosa Kremenjas – Pro Football Focus – @QBsMVP
  • Steven Haglund – Guilty As Charged Podcast @StevenIHaglund

There is plenty of controversy and debate, so make sure to let us know what you think, and any selections that stand out as great or horrible! We will also feature this draft in the latest episode of Bleav In LA Football so you can hear our reactions after each pick, episode link here![tabbed_section style=”minimal_flexible” tab_color=”Accent-Color” icon_size=”24″][tab icon_family=”none” title=”Round 1″ id=”1592761454235-10″ tab_id=”1592761454237-2″]

Round 1, Pick 1 – Arizona Cardinals

QB – Patrick Mahomes

Selected by Steven Haglund, Guilty As Charged Podcast

Best player in the league at the most important position. #Analysis

Round 1, Pick 2 – Atlanta Falcons

QB – Lamar Jackson

Selected by Tad Desai, LAFB

I was torn between Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson here. While Wilson has a longer, more proven history, Jackson’s upside both as a passer and rusher is objectively better. Jackson’s longevity is a concern but his upside outweighs it too much to pass on him at this spot.

Round 1, Pick 3 – Baltimore Ravens

QB – Russell Wilson

Selected by Lamarr Fields, LAFB

One of the most elusive QBs in the game, Russell Wilson is the type of player that you want to build your franchise around. He is tremendous in the pocket, but also has the keen ability to extend just about any play with his legs. Down 4 with two minutes left, there may not be anyone else you want over Wilson.

Round 1, Pick 4 – Buffalo Bills

QB – Deshaun Watson

Selected by Matthew Shapiro, LAFB

Watson was the best young QB available and seemed like an easy choice for me.

Round 1, Pick 5 – Carolina Panthers

DL – Aaron Donald

Selected by Gilbert Manzano, OC Register

After missing out on the first tier of QBs, I didn’t think the next wave of quarterbacks warranted a top-five pick, so I went with the best game wrecker in the NFL. Easy choice.

Round 1, Pick 6 – Chicago Bears

QB – Aaron Rodgers

Selected by Sosa Kremenjas, PFF

Rodgers may be 36 years old, but if the desire is there, he still has plenty left in the tank to build your franchise around, or at least for another 3-4 years. Rodgers has thrown for over 4,000 yards each of the last two seasons with a combined SIX interceptions. Yes, only six total picks over two seasons. The athleticism and arm talent are still elite, and his football IQ and decision making are among the best in the game.

Round 1, Pick 7 – Cincinnati Bengals

QB – Kyler Murray

Selected by Pranav Menon, LAFB

The number one overall pick enters his sophomore season. His rookie year was just as advertised. A flashy playmaker that can do things that most quarterbacks can’t. With the right weapons, Murray could be one of the top QBs in the entire league.

Round 1, Pick 8 – Cleveland Browns

QB – Dak Prescott

Selected by Cameron DaSilva, The Rams Wire

Prescott is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and is still only 26 years old. He’s only going to get better, too, after throwing for 4,900 yards and 30 touchdowns last season. Finally, the Browns can stop worrying about the quarterback position.

Round 1, Pick 9 – Dallas Cowboys

RB – Ezekiel Elliott

Selected by Daniel Fuselier, LAFB

Elliott is probably the most consistent and productive running back in the league. Also, he has been the stable base of the franchise since being drafted. Zeke is a player you can build your franchise around.

Round 1, Pick 10 – Denver Broncos

QB – Carson Wentz

Selected by Ryan Dyrud, LAFB

I have always had a love affair with Carson Wentz. He is so athletic and has unbelievable arm talent. The biggest knock on him has been his health, however last season he played a full schedule, threw for over 4,000 yards, and led his weaponless team to the playoffs. Imagine what he can be if I actually get him some capable pass-catchers?

Round 1, Pick 11 – Detroit Lions

QB – Joe Burrow

Selected by Daniel Wade, LAFB

This year’s number one overall pick has a lot to prove, but after one of the most historic college seasons ever that resulted in the Heisman and a National Championship, I was able to look past the inexperience and build my franchise around him.

Round 1, Pick 12 – Green Bay Packers

RB – Saquon Barkley

Selected by Amar Desai, LAFB

Matt LaFleur has been an offensive coordinator for the pass-first Rams and the run-first Titans. He seems to be shifting towards building an offense similar to the Titans style and Barkley fits the mold as a true dual-threat running back that will be the focal point of this Packers offense.

Round 1, Pick 13 – Houston Texans

QB – Matt Ryan

Selected by Steven Haglund

This was an interesting debate for me. I thought about going with one of the younger QB’s with more upside or getting a top tier defensive player but Matt Ryan has a good history of being a very solid to a great player in this league. With the way the QB position is trending, he could still have 5-7 more years of borderline elite potential and that’s good enough for me in this scenario.

Round 1, Pick 14 – Indianapolis Colts

RB – Christian McCaffrey

Selected by Tad Desai, LAFB

I wanted to go quarterback at this spot for obvious reasons but with Dak, Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, and Joe Burrow all off the board, I had to scramble for something else. A pass rusher here would’ve made sense but McCaffrey proved last year that even in one of the league’s weakest offenses, he can still produce MVP-level numbers. He’s truly the only running back besides Barkley that an offense can be confidently built around.

Round 1, Pick 15 – Jacksonville Jaguars

EDGE – Khalil Mack

Selected by Lamarr Fields, LAFB

After Aaron Donald, Mack is arguably the most gifted pass-rusher in the NFL. He has a lethal first step and unparalleled strength which makes him a matchup nightmare. I’ll have to wait to get my quarterback, but at 29 years of age, I have my defensive staple for years to come.

Round 1, Pick 16 – Kansas City Chiefs

DE – Joey Bosa

Selected by Matthew Shapiro, LAFB

Joey Bosa gives the Chiefs a great start to their defensive side of the ball. With Andy Reid as the coach, he will be able to work with a lower-tier QB.

Round 1, Pick 17 – Las Vegas Raiders

QB – Tua Tagovailoa

Selected by Daniel Wade, LAFB

Before his final season at Alabama, Tagovailoa was proclaimed the number one overall pick in the following NFL Draft. Then he got hurt and Joe Burrow had his historic season. Putting aside his few injuries, Tua may be the most gifted pure passer in this year’s QB class. I’m rolling the dice and taking a chance on a kid that could become an elite-level NFL QB.

Round 1, Pick 18 – Los Angeles Chargers

QB – Jared Goff

Selected by Pranav Menon, LAFB

Goff may have had a down year this past season, but he still has great arm talent, can throw outside the pocket, and has played in the Super Bowl. Other QBs may be a little better fit with Anthony Lynn’s system, but of the ones who were remaining, I like the talent and ceiling of what Goff brings. And, to the surprise of many, Goff ranked 3rd in rollout passes (behind only Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson), so he does possess the ability to run Lynn’s system effectively.

Round 1, Pick 19 – Los Angeles Rams

QB – Drew Brees

Selected by Cameron DaSilva, The Rams Wire

Brees may be nearing the end of his career, but he’s shown in recent years that he can still lead a team and get the ball to his playmakers. His arm strength is gone, but Sean McVay would find ways to maximize his current ability. Taking Brees here is in true “all-in” Rams fashion.

Round 1, Pick 20 – Miami Dolphins

DE – Nick Bosa

Selected by Gilbert Manzano, The OC Register

Again, I didn’t like my QB options and decided to wait till round two. With this being a QB league, pass rushers are becoming just as important. I was going Bosa here regardless but didn’t know which brother. Joey went one pick ahead of me, so my choice was made. The rookie stud will be dominant for a long time.

Round 1, Pick 21 – Minnesota Vikings

QB – Matthew Stafford

Selected by Sosa Kremenjas, PFF

Stafford is quietly one of the better quarterbacks in the league every single year. The Lions have been bad for quite some time, but without Stafford, they would be abysmal. He missed half the year last season due to injury, but prior to that, he played eight complete seasons. Give this guy a running game to take off some of the pressure, which I plan too, and Stafford (32) can easily play at an elite level for many more years.

Round 1, Pick 22 – New England Patriots

QB – Jimmy Garoppolo

Selected by Pranav Menon, LAFB

Jimmy G goes back to the original team that drafted him. He may have only played a couple of games for the Pats, but it was enough to put the league on notice and get him paid. I want to pair him back with Belichick and Josh McDaniels and watch his career blossom.

Round 1, Pick 23 – New Orleans Saints

QB – Baker Mayfield

Selected by Cameron DaSilva, The Rams Wire

Mayfield’s 2019 season was rough, and that’s putting it lightly. However, he had an outstanding rookie season and looked destined for an even better second season. That didn’t happen, but I still have faith he can be an elite QB. Put him in Sean Payton‘s offense and that’ll become apparent quickly.

Round 1, Pick 24 – New York Giants

QB – Cam Newton

Selected by Daniel Fuselier, LAFB

I think a lot of GMs can overthink things sometimes, especially when they want to prove something with players already on their roster. When fully healthy, Cam is still one of the premier QB’s in the league, and the Giants need a QB that can revitalize the faithful. Start from scratch and build around the former number one overall pick.

Round 1, Pick 25 – New York Jets

QB – Sam Darnold

Selected by Ryan Dyrud, LAFB

I remember watching the 2017 Rose Bowl and witnessing Sam Darnold create his legacy. In my opinion, one of the most underrated college games of all time, and Darnold was the center of it. He is the QB that I want to build my franchise around and I am shocked that he was still available here at 25. However, if I had my say, Adam Gase would not be his coach…

Round 1, Pick 26 – Philadelphia Eagles

RB – Josh Jacobs

Selected by Amar Desai, LAFB

A little surprising, but Jacobs fits the offense that Pederson wants to run. He brings the dual-threat ability the team has lacked in a running back since LeSean McCoy was an Eagle. A solid run offense and run defense led this team to their first Super Bowl victory and Jacobs will be a consistent piece to this offense for the next decade.

Round 1, Pick 27 – Pittsburgh Steelers

OT – Ryan Ramczyk

Selected by Steven Haglund, Guilty As Charged Podcast

I’m a firm believer in building your team from the trenches. I didn’t love the QB options on the board so I decided to go with the player who I think is the best young offensive tackle in the league. Ramczyk has been a rock for the Saints at right tackle since he got drafted. In his first three seasons, he’s already been named as a 2nd team and 1st team All-Pro. Last season he didn’t allow a single sack and I expect him to continue to play at this level for the next 8-10 years.

Round 1, Pick 28 – San Francisco 49ers

QB – Kirk Cousins

Selected by Amar Desai, LAFB

Cousins was the rumored target for the 49ers prior to the acquisition of Jimmy Garoppolo. Cousins brings veteran leadership and a strong accurate passing game that will lead Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

Round 1, Pick 29 – Seattle Seahawks

QB – Josh Allen

Selected by Matthew Shapiro, LAFB

Josh Allen gives the Seahawks a young QB who they can build around for the future.

Round 1, Pick 30 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

WR – Michael Thomas

Selected by Tad Desai

All four quarterbacks who went before this were at the top of my big board and it’s just a classic case of bad draft luck that there was a run before I went on the clock. At this point, I could’ve either gone with an unproven or aging talent at quarterback or taken arguably the best wide receiver in the league to elevate whoever does end up being my signal-caller. An easy call to go with Michael Thomas this late in the first with that thought process.

Round 1, Pick 31 – Tennessee Titans

QB – Dwayne Haskins

Selected by Sosa Kremenjas, PFF

There are a lot of question marks surrounding Dwayne Haskins. But you can’t deny his arm talent and his production as a starter at Ohio State. I like him in Arthur Smith’s offense, and as long as I give him a good running game, he will be a very suitable starting QB for my franchise.

Round 1, Pick 32 – Washington Redskins

QB – Drew Lock

Selected by Ryan Dyrud, LAFB

It’s officially Lock season! Very small sample size but I absolutely love the upside of Drew Lock. He has top 5 arm talent in the entire league, and is also very mobile and can escape the pocket. A true definition of the term “Gun-Slinger” he is bound to make some amazing jaw-dropping plays while forcing others that will leave you scratching your head. Have to take the good with the bad, and in this scenario, the good far outweighs the bad. Also, the fact that he overcame adversity at Mizzou playing for three different offensive coordinators demonstrates his football IQ and mental toughness.

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Round 2, Pick 1 – Washington Redskins

DE – Myles Garrett

Selected by Ryan Dyrud, LAFB

After getting my quarterback with pick 32, I wanted to get my franchise pass-rusher. After three years in the league, Garrett has 30.5 sacks, in only 37 games. If Garrett can stay on the field for a full season, and not use his helmet as a weapon, he is one of the best pass-rushers in the game, making him a steal in the second round.

Round 2, Pick 2 – Tennessee Titans

CB – Tre’Davious White

Selected by Sosa Kremenjas, PFF

The Bills defense has been nasty for the past few years, and a lot of that is due to the menace in the secondary, Tre’Davious White. He plays with a mean streak and is a very gifted ballhawk. He is someone that I want in my secondary for his entire career.

Round 2, Pick 3 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

QB – Derek Carr

Selected by Tad Desai, LAFB

Bruce Arians has the rightful moniker of “The Quarterback Whisperer” and while Derek Carr has had the very definition of an up-and-down career, look no further than his stats last year. 21 touchdowns and 8 interceptions with an inconsistent-at-best receiver corps, a questionable O-line, and still under 30 has me convinced that Arians, combined with Michael Thomas as his top target, makes him primed for a late-career resurgence.

Round 2, Pick 4 – Seattle Seahawks

WR – DeAndre Hopkins

Selected by Matthew Shapiro

Taking Hopkins gives Josh Allen an amazing weapon and will help him grow into a star QB.

Round 2, Pick 5 – San Francisco 49ers

LB – Darius Leonard

Selected by Amar Desai, LAFB

One of the best linebackers in the NFL, Leonard was an easy selection here. Not just a solid tackler, he can get after the quarterback and also play well in coverage. An emerging star in the league will lead San Francisco’s defense for years to come.

Round 2, Pick 6 – Pittsburgh Steelers

QB – Ryan Tannehill

Selected by Steven Haglund

This is why I was ok waiting on QB and taking Ramczyk. Tannehill is not perfect but we just saw the kind of season he’s able to have with a great offensive line and I’m willing to take that shot for the Steelers here. He’s got everything you want in a QB physically, it just took him a while to pop and he did last season.

Round 2, Pick 7 – Philadelphia Eagles

OG – Quenton Nelson

Selected by Amar Desai, LAFB

When selecting Jacobs, you need a solid offensive lineman to block for him. Drafting Nelson here will ensure this offense will be able to run the ball against any defense.

Round 2, Pick 8 – New York Jets

OT – La’el Collins

Selected by Ryan Dyrud, LAFB

After picking Sam Darnold in the first, I was either going pass-rusher here or protection for my franchise QB, there will be plenty of weapons to be had in the next few rounds. After a tragic event off the field that Collins had murky ties to, he went from a top 10 prospect to undrafted. He later signed with the Cowboys and has since become one of the best offensive linemen in the game. Still only 26, he and Darnold will be linked together for years.

Round 2, Pick 9 – New York Giants

RB – Alvin Kamara

Selected by Daniel Fuselier, LAFB

Kamara is a multi-option back that would be able to relieve some of the workload from Cam Newton. Not only is he a great runner, but he is terrific in the receiving game. Cam had CMC in real life, now he gets Kamara in this scenario.

Round 2, Pick 10 – New Orleans Saints

WR – Tyreek Hill

Selected by Cameron DaSilva, The Rams Wire

Mayfield gets an explosive weapon with Hill, who Payton would have a field day with. Mayfield’s gunslinger mentality would pair nicely with Hill on deep routes. Hill can also contribute on special teams, which we’ve all seen before.

Round 2, Pick 11 – New England Patriots

EDGE – T.J. Watt

Selected by Pranav Menon, LAFB

T.J. has the talent and skill of his brother J.J. but is younger and there is no injury concern. 34.5 sacks in three seasons and 15 forced fumbles. Easy choice here.

Round 2, Pick 12 – Minnesota Vikings

CB – Marlon Humphrey

Selected by Sosa Kremenjas, PFF

There is a lot of value in having a young, hungry, captain in your secondary. The All-Pro has been extremely solid since coming into the league and will be a cornerstone in this Vikings defense.

Round 2, Pick 13 – Miami Dolphins

QB – Teddy Bridgewater

Selected by Gilbert Manzano, The OC Register

Teddy Two-Gloves is getting his second shot with the Panthers, and he gets that here with the Dolphins in this scenario. In relief of an injured Drew Brees last season, Bridgewater simply went 5-0 and threw for over 1,300 yards with nine touchdowns. He still has the talent to be a franchise guy.

Round 2, Pick 14 – Los Angeles Rams

CB – Jalen Ramsey

Selected by Cameron DaSilva, The Rams Wire

Ramsey gets to stay in Los Angeles with this pick. I was tempted to go with Stephon Gilmore, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. But Ramsey’s potential and versatility in Brandon Staley’s defense made me lean that way. Plus, he’s four years younger than Gilmore.

Round 2, Pick 15 – Los Angeles Chargers

OT – Ronnie Stanley

Selected by Pranav Menon, LAFB

The Chargers got their quarterback in the first round in Jared Goff, and now they get one of the best tackles in the game to protect him. At 6’5, 315, Stanley is a mountain and will be a force in keeping Goff upright.

Round 2, Pick 16 – Las Vegas Raiders

OT – Lane Johnson

Selected by Daniel Wade, LAFB

Lane Johnson feels like he has been in the league forever, but at 30 years old he still has a lot of football left in him. Year after year, he finishes as one of the top-rated tackles, and he will continue to be a staple on the right side, protecting Tua’s blindside (Tua is left-handed).

Round 2, Pick 17 – Kansas City Chiefs

QB – Justin Herbert

Selected by Matthew Shapiro, LAFB

The Chiefs got their young edge rusher in Joey Bosa in the first. Now they get their QB of the future in the second. Herbert is an athletic, big-arm quarterback that Andy Reid would make into a star.

Round 2, Pick 18 – Jacksonville Jaguars

QB – Ben Roethlisberger

Selected by Lamarr Fields, LAFB

After selecting Mack in the first round, the Jags need to add a QB and with how the board is currently sitting, Big Ben is the best option. He may not have a lot left in the tank, but he can still give the team a very solid year or two while we find/groom our QB of the future.

Round 2, Pick 19 – Indianapolis Colts

QB – Tom Brady

Selected by Tad Desai, LAFB

Steven said it better than I ever could’ve: “This is the ultimate quarterback to running back” passer. Ideally, I would’ve liked to go younger but if Tom Brady can make James White look like a Pro Bowler, imagine what he can do with McCaffrey. Colts enter win-now mode and hypothetically, the Colts can target a younger QB like Jordan Love in the later rounds or a QB for the future in future drafts.

Round 2, Pick 20 – Houston Texans

TE – George Kittle

Selected by Steven Haglund, Guilty As Chargers Podcast

With the run on offensive tackles leading up to this point, I decided to give Matt Ryan the best tight end in the league. The position is trending up but there’s still only a handful of elite tight ends and Kittle is definitely one of them. Ryan has a strong history of success with tight ends but Kittle would easily be the most talented of the bunch he’s had in his prime.

Round 2, Pick 21 – Green Bay Packers

EDGE – Cameron Jordan

Selected by Amar Desai, LAFB

A true star at his position, Jordan is still underrated in the NFL. Adding his veteran presence gives a solid building block for the defensive line and the defense in general.

Round 2, Pick 22 – Detroit Lions

OT – Tyron Smith

Selected by Daniel Wade, LAFB

Since being drafted in 2011, Smith has been selected to seven Pro Bowls and named All-Pro twice. Oh, and he is still only 29 years old. A steal for the offensive line this late in the draft.

Round 2, Pick 23 – Denver Broncos

EDGE – Von Miller

Selected by Ryan Dyrud, LAFB

Von Miller may be on the back nine of his career, but at 31 years old, it can still be a very good back nine. Since being named Super Bowl 50 MVP, he has quietly remained one of the most consistent pass-rushers in the league. He stays with his real-life team in Denver, meaning he will be entering his second year in Vic Fangio’s system. Last season’s eight sacks were an outlier as Miller has many years of double-digit sacks remaining. Plus, he has arguably the nastiest first step and spin move in the NFL.

Round 2, Pick 24 – Dallas Cowboys

QB – Colin Kaepernick

Selected by Daniel Fuselier, LAFB

This was a toss-up between Kaepernick and Nick Foles. I feel that Kaepernick, even with three years out of the league, is a bigger threat at the QB position than what was left in the field. He will have a big chip on his shoulder and will aim to prove that he was blackballed by the league up until this point. Pairing him with Zeke would be fun to watch in the Big D.

Round 2, Pick 25 – Cleveland Browns

WR – Mike Evans

Selected by Cameron DaSilva, The Rams Wire

Evans is somewhat underrated as one of the best wide receivers, for whatever reason. But he’s had 1,000 yards in every season he’s been in the NFL and topped out at 1,524 in 2018. He’s also one of the best red-zone weapons in the game.

Round 2, Pick 26 – Cincinnati Bengals

TE – Travis Kelce

Selected by Pranav Menon, LAFB

If Kittle is considered the best tight end in the league then Travis Kelce is 1b. After taking Kyler Murray in the first, I wanted to make sure to give him an elite weapon. Kelce gives him this plus a lot more. This will be a dynamic duo in Cincinnati for years.

Round 2, Pick 27 – Chicago Bears

CB – Jaire Alexander

Selected by Sosa Kremenjas, PFF

Underrated by many, Jaire Alexander is one of the best corners in the game and is still very young. Ironic that Alexander and his real-life teammate, Aaron Rodgers, will now be playing for their division rival in Chicago.

Round 2, Pick 28 – Carolina Panthers

QB – Daniel Jones

Selected by Gilbert Manzano, The OC Register

There was some confusion in the draft room as I am shocked that Danny Dimes made it this far in the draft. After starting 12 games last year, Jones threw for over 3,000 yards and 24 touchdowns. There are still some question marks about how good he can be, but at this point in the draft, he is a very solid choice out of the QBs remaining.

Round 2, Pick 29 – Buffalo Bills

CB – Stephon Gilmore

Selected by Matthew Shapiro, LAFB

It was truly a shock Gilmore fell this far into the draft. The Bills got the best DB in the league with this pick.

Round 2, Pick 30 – Baltimore Ravens

WR – Julio Jones

Selected by Lamarr Fields, LAFB

In Jones’ nine-year career, only two seasons fall short of 1,000 yards receiving and a Pro Bowl selection…he was injured in both of those seasons. A top-three wideout every year and still only 31, give me Jones every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Round 2, Pick 31 – Atlanta Falcons

DE – Danielle Hunter

Selected by Tad Desai, LAFB

I was desperately hoping that Stephon Gilmore would fall to this spot but Hunter is far from a bad consolation prize. At only 25 years old, he is entering the prime of his career and unlike other pass rushers such as J.J. Watt, he has proven he can last an entire season. Hunter has finished the last three of the four years with double-digit sacks, so while he may not be a “sexy” pick, he’s a proven pass rusher than can give the Falcons a solid pass rush to build around.

Round 2, Pick 32 – Arizona Cardinals

OT – David Bakhtiari

Selected by Steven Haglund, Guilty As Charged Podcast

I had the easiest pick of the draft with the #1 pick and my second priority would be to ensure that Mahomes is protected. Elite QB’s like him can make most of their weapons work to their advantage but they need a high-quality offensive line in front of them. Bakhtiari is as good as it gets at the left tackle position. He’s been recognized as an All-Pro several times and has been a constant force for the Packers. He is 28 so maybe there’s a little concern there but I’m confident he has at least five years of high-level football in him. At the very least, he would be an upgrade over Eric Fisher who’s been protecting Mahomes’ blindside so far in Kansas City. The next priority is to get Mahomes an elite level weapon to throw to.

So that sums up the first two rounds. What were your biggest takeaways? Biggest surprises? Comment below or chat with us on Twitter![/tab][tab icon_family=”none” title=”Teams List” id=”1592761454685-2″ tab_id=”1592761454688-6″]

Arizona Cardinals

  1. Round 1 – QB Patrick Mahomes
  2. Round 2 – OT David Bakhtiari

Atlanta Falcons

  1. Round 1 – QB Lamar Jackson
  2. Round 2 – EDGE Danielle Hunter

Baltimore Ravens

  1. Round 1 – QB Russell Wilson
  2. Round 2 – WR Julio Jones

Buffalo Bills

  1. Round 1 – QB Deshaun Watson
  2. Round 2 – CB Stephon Gilmore

Carolina Panthers

  1. Round 1 – DL Aaron Donald
  2. Round 2 – QB Daniel Jones

Chicago Bears

  1. Round 1 – Aaron Rodgers
  2. Round 2 – CB Jaire Alexander

Cincinnati Bengals

  1. Round 1 – QB Kyler Murray
  2. Round 2 – TE Travis Kelce

Cleveland Browns

  1. Round 1 – QB Dak Prescott
  2. Round 2 – WR Mike Evans

Dallas Cowboys

  1. Round 1 – RB Ezekiel Elliott
  2. Round 2 – QB Colin Kaepernick

Denver Broncos

  1. Round 1 – QB Carson Wentz
  2. Round 2 – EDGE Von Miller

Detroit Lions

  1. Round 1 – QB Joe Burrow
  2. Round 2 – OT Tyron Smith

Green Bay Packers

  1. Round 1 – RB Saquon Barkley
  2. Round 2 – EDGE Cameron Jordan

Houston Texans

  1. Round 1 – QB Matt Ryan
  2. Round 2 – TE George Kittle

Indianapolis Colts

  1. Round 1 – RB Christian McCaffrey
  2. Round 2 – QB Tom Brady

Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Round 1 – EDGE Khalil Mack
  2. Round 2 – QB Ben Roethlisberger

Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Round 1 – EDGE Joey Bosa
  2. Round 2 – QB Justin Herbert

Las Vegas Raiders

  1. Round 1 – QB Tua Tagovailoa
  2. Round 2 – OT Lane Johnson

Los Angeles Chargers

  1. Round 1 – QB Jared Goff
  2. Round 2 – OT Ronnie Stanley

Los Angeles Rams

  1. Round 1 – QB Drew Brees
  2. Round 2 – CB Jalen Ramsey

Miami Dolphins

  1. Round 1 – EDGE Nick Bosa
  2. Round 2 – QB Teddy Bridgewater

Minnesota Vikings

  1. Round 1 – QB Matthew Stafford
  2. Round 2 – CB Marlon Humphrey

New England Patriots

  1. Round 1 – QB Jimmy Garoppolo
  2. Round 2 – EDGE T.J. Watt

New Orleans Saints

  1. Round 1 – QB Baker Mayfield
  2. Round 2 – WR Tyreek Hill

New York Giants

  1. Round 1 – QB Cam Newton
  2. Round 2 – RB Alvin Kamara

New York Jets

  1. Round 1 – QB Sam Darnold
  2. Round 2 – OT La’el Collins

Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Round 1 – RB Josh Jacobs
  2. Round 2 – OG Quenton Nelson

Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. Round 1 – OT Ryan Ramczyk
  2. Round 2 – QB Ryan Tannehill

San Francisco 49ers

  1. Round 1 – QB Kirk Cousins
  2. Round 2 – LB Darius Leonard

Seattle Seahawks

  1. Round 1 – QB Josh Allen
  2. Round 2 – WR DeAndre Hopkins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  1. Round 1 – WR Michael Thomas
  2. Round 2 – QB Derek Carr

Tennessee Titans

  1. Round 1 – QB Dwayne Haskins
  2. Round 2 – CB Tre’Davious White

Washington Redskins

  1. Round 1 – Drew Lock
  2. Round 2 – EDGE Myles Garrett

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