Rams vs. Colts: An In-Depth At The Colts In 2023 So Far

As the Los Angeles Rams gear up to take on the Indianapolis Colts, a more detailed examination of the Colts’ performance this season can offer valuable insights into the upcoming Rams vs. Colts matchup.

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The Colts’ 2023 Season So Far

The Indianapolis Colts have had a rollercoaster start to their 2023 campaign. Let’s dissect their performance in the regular season:

  • Week 1: A Bumpy Start The Colts opened their season with a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, with a final score of 31-21. This early setback highlighted some areas that needed improvement.
  • Week 2: Bouncing Back In Week 2, the Colts secured a resounding victory against the Houston Texans with a score of 31-20. This win showcased their ability to regroup and respond strongly.
  • Week 3: Triumph Over the Ravens The Colts continued their winning streak into Week 3, albeit in a nail-biting contest against the Baltimore Ravens. The final score was 22-19, with a great performance from former Ram Matt Gay.
NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens
Rams vs. Colts: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Team Statistics


  • Passing Yards Leader: Gardner Minshew has been the primary force behind the Colts’ passing game, amassing an impressive 398 yards. However, Anthony Richardson will be the starter heading into this game, as he has cleared concussion protocol.
  • Rushing Yardage: Zack Moss is the standout rusher for the Colts, gaining 210 yards in just two games. His average of 4.4 yards per carry indicates his ability to grind out yardage.
  • Receiving Yards Leader: Michael Pittman has been a key target in the passing game, with 230 receiving yards. His consistent playmaking ability is vital for the Colts.


  • Tackles Leader: Zaire Franklin is the defensive anchor, amassing 29 total tackles. This highlights his ability to read the game and make impactful stops.
  • Sacks Leader: Kwity Paye has been a menace for opposing quarterbacks, recording 3 sacks. His disruptive presence in the backfield is a significant asset for the Colts. As a team, they’re tied for 3rd for team sacks.
  • Interceptions Leader: Tony Brown has grabbed an interception, the only Colts defender to do so.
  • Their Defense is bottom 10 in the league in terms of yards allowed, showing that they’ve been in some offensively competitive games.
NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens
Rams vs. Colts: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Team Performance

  • Total First Downs: The Colts have secured 56 first downs, while their opponents have managed 64. This statistic underlines the competitive nature of their games.
  • Third-Down Conversions: Indianapolis has completed 16 of 46 third-down conversions, indicating the need for improvement in sustaining drives.
  • Total Offensive Yards: The Colts have gained a respectable 960 offensive yards this season. This balanced attack showcases their versatility.
  • Rushing and Passing: The Colts have rushed for a total of 330 yards, and their passing game has generated 677 yards. These numbers reflect a well-rounded offensive approach.
NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens
Rams vs. Colts: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Special Teams and Recent Performance

Matt Gay’s exceptional performance in the kicking department cannot be overlooked. He made a record four kicks from beyond 50 yards, including a crucial 53-yard field goal that tied the game in the final minute of regulation. His outstanding accuracy and composure in high-pressure situations will be a key asset for the Colts.

As the Colts face the Los Angeles Rams in the upcoming matchup, their strong defense and special teams will undoubtedly pose a significant challenge. Depending on Anthony Richardson’s health, this could be a pretty tough matchup considering the offensive line performance versus the Bengals. The Rams will need to account for their ability to generate turnovers and capitalize on field goals from long distances. This game promises to be an exciting clash of strengths and strategies.