Rams Trade Deadline Rumors: McVay Dashes Big Move Expectations

In every Sean McVay lead season, the Los Angeles Rams have been buyers at the trade deadline. So far this season, they are more in the selling mood, sending both of their 2020 1st and 2nd draft picks, Cam Akers and Van Jefferson, packing.

McVay threw even more cold water on the Rams trade deadline prospects saying, “No, we don’t really have the availability. I don’t know…you kind of have to have some resources and different things like that for those to be options. So I don’t know that those conversations will be as prevalent as maybe in years past.”

Rams Trade Deadline: Not Going ‘All in’ in 2023

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2023 Is What It Is

This is further proof that the Rams are not willing to go all in on 2023 as they did previously. But McVay’s comments don’t just point out that they aren’t willing, but more importantly, they aren’t able to wheel and deal.

His comments also point to what resources are and aren’t on the table. What is not on the table is the Rams 2024 draft picks, specifically the first-round pick. As of today, the Rams are picking #15 in the first round. The Rams are also not offering up their pillars; Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp.

The Rams DO have resources. But they are not on the table.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Staying disciplined and to the 2024 plan is important for the following reasons: Three draft picks in the top 100, $56+ million in cap space, and the possibility of moving on from a few bloated contracts; Joseph Noteboom and Brian Allen, specifically.

All that along with what the Rams already have on their roster makes taking a conservative approach to the trade deadline this season much more palatable, but it also ensures that the Rams front office will have the maximum resources to get the Rams back into Super Bowl contention.