Rams Mock Draft: Who Will They Draft In The 3rd Round?

Rams Mock Draft: 3rd Round. Who will they pick based on what happens with the 36th pick?

In my previous LA Rams mock draft I laid out the disciplined approach that the Rams must take with their first pick in the NFL Draft. In the third round, their options open up a bit more, but they must still keep focused on finding immediate contributors at key positions. They may not need to be starters, but they will have to be able to make an impact weekly.

Rams Mock Draft: Third Round

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Pick 69: Zacch Pickens, DT, South Carolina

Two unsung heroes from the Rams Super Bowl run were A’Shawn Robinson and Greg Gaines. Gaines and Robinson have both been signed by other teams. Zacch Pickens looks like the perfect compliment to Aaron Donald.

As a Gamecock, he often lined up in the A-Gap, which is perfect for the Rams and Donald. Pickens lacks the size that Gaines brought to the table at just 291 lbs, so he won’t be the nose tackle answer on every down. But his length and athleticism will allow him to move outside on heavier sets and Bobby Brown can rotate into the A-Gap.

About that athleticism: Pickens ranks in the top 70 percentile among interior defensive linemen in the 40-yard dash (89), broad jump (95), and 3-cone (71). Also, his arm length and hand size rank in the top 80th percentile. Length like that is always a plus, especially when it comes to knocking down passes in throwing lanes. Pickens had three deflected passes last season

He lacks the hand technique that would make him a QB nightmare, but that isn’t an immediate need for the Rams with AD playing next door. The Rams have also had success drafting from South Carolina’s defense with Ernest Jones.

Pick 77 (via Miami): 3 Scenarios

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Tyrique Stevenson, CB, Miami (Fla.)

This draft pick is in the scenario that the Rams go with an edge rusher in the second round.

Tyrique Stevenson will instantly inject the Rams secondary with much-needed size. He isn’t a monster, but he is above average in height and weight. The Rams do have Robert Rochell, but his playing time was cut despite competing against two rookie cornerbacks. Stevenson also packs a good amount of explosiveness with his size.

He will need to learn to keep his head on his shoulders but has enough upside to fit in well with the Rams secondary.

Rams Mock Draft: Scenario 2

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Isaiah Foskey, Edge, Notre Dame

In this scenario, the Rams drafted a cornerback in the second round.

Isaiah Foskey is not the quintessential Rams edge rusher, he is not nearly as long and lacks the change of speed that they would usually target. But Foskey also has too many intriguing traits and pass-rushing skills to ignore at this point in the draft.

He will need to become a more complex pass-rusher to be a three-down defender, which means the Rams would still need to get a veteran while he develops. But what will truly sell the Rams is his red-hot motor. He plays with intensity on every single play. This is how he finished with 22 sacks and 97 tackles, 26 of which were tackles for loss. He also forced 6 fumbles in 13 games in 2021.

Rams Mock Draft: Scenario 3

Rams Mock Draft
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Luke Schoonemaker, TE, Michigan

In this scenario, Sean McVay has stifled his desires long enough. He needs an offensive weapon!

The Rams should take advantage of this historically deep tight ends class. They need to strike when the iron is hot, the other skill positions are the opposite of deep this year and they are going to have to add a tight end at some point. Much of the talent will have been scooped up, but Luke Schoonmaker, who is seen as a project, will be ripe for the picking.

Schoonmaker will benefit from playing behind Tyler Higbee in his rookie season, but he will also get plenty of time on the field. He doesn’t have elite pass-catching skills but is a competent enough blocker to earn reps in live action and has the strength and skill to move defenders off their spots. As a receiver, he can do all the things the Rams have asked of Higbee; run a variety of routes and pick up the first down.