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Quarter Way Through: Where The Jaguars Stand

So, 1 quarter of the NFL season is in the rearview mirror.  Where are the Jacksonville Jaguars? Well, they are in a tie in the AFC South for the number 1 spot! That’s right Jag fans, you can say your team is in 1st place! The Jags are boasting a 2-2 record, as are the Houston Texans, and the Tennessee Titans.  The struggling Colts dropped another game this week to put them firmly in last place in the division sitting at 1-3.

What does it really mean? Well, the Titans beat the Jags, the Jags beat the Texans, and the Texans beat the Titans. So, round and round the AFC South goes where it stops, no one knows. Looking ahead at the rest of the season the Jaguars have a tough road. With the Steelers, Rams, and Cardinals coming in the next 5 weeks, it is going to be hard to rack up wins. The Browns and the Colts are also in the next 5 weeks, so it’s not all doom and gloom, but the Jaguars are going to have beat some good teams to find a way into the playoffs.

I don’t think a lot of people expected the Jacksonville Jaguars to be sitting atop the AFC South at this point in the season, but here they are. Now it’s time to try and find a way to stay there. The Jags cannot be satisfied with being here now.  It’s time to buckle down and grind through the hardest part of the season. Playing in October and November is where the playoff picture really starts to come into focus.

The last quarter of the season sees the Jags playing their entire division for the second go around. As long as the Jags can scrap out wins now, the division will be up for grabs in the last quarter of the season. The Jaguars haven’t made a splash this season, but they are by no means sinking to the bottom of the division. There is plenty of football left and that’s a good thing for the Jags.

Next week: @Steelers 10/8 1 pm ET

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