Philip Rivers vs Brett Favre: Who’s The Better Hangout?

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Philip Rivers and Brett Favre come from two different conferences, were drafted into two different eras, and live their lives in two very different ways. However, both quarterbacks now share the same stage of life as both have left their shoulder pads behind them. That said, despite most fans getting years of entertainment from watching them on television, not many have an in-person taste of what it’s like to speak with them.

The LAFB Network’s Ian Van Roy has done just that and is here to report who is the more relaxed and down-to-earth person to speak with. As with any comparison, the more variables that can be kept the same, the easier it is to discern a clean-cut difference. Both quarterbacks were present at the Special Spectators fundraiser in Mobile, Alabama during Senior Bowl week in two different years. Rivers was present in 2024 and Favre was present in 2022.

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The Brett Favre Breakdown

LAFB was able to meet both and the vibes of both meetings were quite different. In Favre’s case, the former Packers quarterback was flanked by cops and security. Talking to No. 4 was likely a similar feeling to talking with the President. Of course, that isn’t to say Favre isn’t personable.

When meeting him, he had a relaxed, somewhat jovial energy. That said, the security in the surroundings set the stage quite differently. If one were to hang out with the quarterback, they would likely need to prepare for extra eyes to be on them at all times. Favre might be adjusted to the added scrutiny, but for those who just want to kick back and relax while conversing, they’ll need to take that into account.

In other words, Favre is a perfectly nice and enjoyable person to talk to, but once one meets Philip Rivers, it’s clear who wins the comparison.

Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers  vs Brett Favre
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The Philip Rivers Review

In 2022, LAFB waited a notable chunk of the night to get an opportunity to speak with Favre. In 2024, however, Philip Rivers was present early in the night. Rivers was seen walking around, talking to everyone, cracking jokes, and acting as just one of the people.

He went to the buffet, waited in line, grabbed some grub, and ate alongside everyone else. While both were great, Rivers was just a bit more easy-going.

Philip Rivers vs Brett Favre on the field

While Green Bay Packers fans would be quick to point out the Super Bowl that Favre won and his feats as the one-time career leader in passing touchdowns, quarterback wins, and passing yards, Rivers wins the personality comparison.

Of course, in terms of on-field accomplishments, Rivers was no slouch, either. The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback earned at least 11 wins in four seasons and one with the Indianapolis Colts. He finished under .500 just four times in his 17-year career. The quarterback also threw for a 2:1 touchdown-interception ratio, which places him above Favre in the category.

Rivers also has almost as many Pro Bowl selections as Favre. Favre had ten while Rivers had eight. The Chargers quarterback gets credit for finishing on a high while No. 4 finished on a low. Rivers hung it up after an 11-5 year with the Colts. Meanwhile, Favre wrapped his career with a 5-8 starting record with the Minnesota Vikings.

While the prime of both players is far behind them, Chargers fans exhausted with the Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady “new hotness vs old hotness” argument now have a discussion closer tied to the Chargers on their hands.