Hip Hop Icon Reveals Pete Carroll’s Aspirations To Coach Los Angeles Chargers

Credit: Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Currently, everyone is on Jim Harbaugh watch as the current Michigan head coach is in Los Angeles having his 2nd interview with the Los Angeles Chargers.

But according to Los Angeles icon Snoop Dogg, another LA Legend has his sights on a return to the City of Angels. That man is Pete Carroll, and his hope is to coach the Chargers.

Pete Carroll Has Aspirations To Coach The Los Angeles Chargers

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Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll watches his team play against the Arizona Cardinals during the third quarter at State Farm Stadium in Glendale on Jan. 7, 2024.Credit: Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

During a media event to promote his upcoming football movie, “The Underdoggs,” Snoop told Fox Sports that he had been the first person to talk with Carroll after the Seahawks announced the move for him to no longer be the head coach in Seattle.

“Pete Carroll – I called him the minute they fired him, because that’s my friend,” Snoop said. “His spirits were up high and he was looking forward to another team calling him.

“That’s what coaches do, they don’t go ‘oh man, they fired me, I’m going to lose my mind. [It’s] ‘Nah, who is the next team in town, I would love to coach there. Oh, they got a great quarterback, they need this.’ That’s what we do as coaches.”

Fox Sports Insider, Martin Rodgers, asked Snoop where he wanted to see Carroll end up. His response?

“He wanted to go to the (Los Angeles) Chargers,” Snoop replied. “That’s what he wanted. But I don’t know if they want him.”

At this point, the Chargers have not interviewed Carroll, or scheduled an interview so it is probably a long shot. However, if they are unable to get a deal done with Harbaugh, someone with Pete Carroll’s pedigree could be a match made in heaven.

The other layer to this is Carroll’s legacy, reputation, and popularity in LA. It is no secret that the Chargers are still in an uphill climb to get their footing and make a name for themselves in a city with over a dozen major sports teams. Winning on the field is priority number one, but putting an LA Legend on the sidelines could be a nice way to attract a large number of USC Trojans fans to SoFi.

Time will tell with Harbaugh, but Pete Carroll would be a tremendous consolation.