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Thanksgiving came and wen t and with it, several very entertaining NFL games. Whether it was the Cowboys surprisingly being upset by the Bills or the Falcons being officially eliminated from playoff contention, Thursday was packed with action.

This weekend promises to keep that up with some crucial matchups that will determine placement both in the NFL Draft and the playoffs. So let’s take a look at some of the best parlay bets you can place for Week 13 of the NFL.

While parlays are always the riskiest bets you can place compared to spreads, we’ll break down the safest parlay you can place, another will make you some money but carries some risk and the riskiest but most fruitful one you can place. For this article, we will take a look at 3-team parlays based on each team’s money line with each one based off its level of risk. For the NFL Week 13 parlay bets, LAFB Network is bringing you the best three team money lines to place your bets on.

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Safest Parlay

3-team parlay: Green Bay Packers (-300) vs. New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles (-550) vs. Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers (-550) vs. Washington Redskins

Most of the money lines this week are surprisingly close so finding an entirely safe one that will still make you money is a little tricky. While these aren’t the most exciting picks or lines, if you bet $50 on this parlay, you will still win $43 so there’s still reason to go for it.  The Eagles are fairy self-explanatory. They played the Seahawks close last week with most of their offense hurt and the Dolphins have fallen back to Earth after their two unexpected wins. Philly deserves to be the big favorites here.

The Panthers are a slightly different story. The Redskins aren’t trying to tank like the Dolphins and rookie Dwayne Haskins has looked better than any quarterback on Miami’s roster. On top of that, Washington is coming off its second win of the season against a Lions team that has been surprisingly competitive this year. Meanwhile, the Panthers are 1-4 in their last five games so it’s natural to be skeptical of them in this matchup. However, three of those games were against the Saints, Packers, and 49ers so it’s hard to blame them for those losses. Expect Kyle Allen to have his bounce-back game at home against Washington.

The Packers line is probably the most surprising one of this week. I get Green Bay is coming off a bad loss to the 49ers and Daniel Jones is looking like he’s finally hitting his stride throwing for 11 touchdowns and a single interception in his last four games. However, the Giants have lost seven games in a row with the defense allowing over 20 points in six of those. This line would probably be larger if the Packers weren’t on the road so take advantage of that and have this is as the “money maker” in the safest parlay line.

Riskier Parlay

3-team parlay: Green Bay Packers (-300) vs. New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles (-550) vs. Miami Dolphins, New York Jets (-170) vs. Cincinnati Bengals

I was so torn between the Jets and Colts here but with Marlon Mack and T.Y. Hilton both ruled out for their matchup against the Titans, it’s weird to say, but the Jets are probably the safer bet here. The Jets will likely be missing two linebackers this weekend but are otherwise healthy while the Bengals’ injury report is as long as my arm. A.J. Green is still looking doubtful to return this week or possibly even at all this season along with two tight ends and an offensive lineman being ruled out and/or questionable. Andy Dalton’s return does throw a wild card into this game that will be hard to predict how the Jets play against the more seasoned vet but after coming off a three-game win streak and a 31-point blowout win against the Raiders, I’m still confident that they can pull off this win.

Riskiest Parlay

3-team parlay: Green Bay Packers (-300) vs. New York Giants, New York Jets (-170) vs. Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns (-135) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Again I was very tempted with another third matchup in picking the upset of the San Francisco 49ers over the Baltimore Ravens. Ultimately, I just say with confidence that upset will happen even though I think the chances of it are higher than most think. I was also thinking about the Texans but without any major injuries to the Patriots, I’m not doubting Bill Belichick, even on the road.

So that brings us to the crucial AFC North matchup between the Steelers and Browns. If Cleveland wins this, they stay in the hunt and if not, the Browns are essentially out while the Steelers take firm control of the wild card spot. The Browns have finally fixed their woes after a rough start to their season winning their last three games including matchups against the Bills and Steelers. To make things even better for the Browns, Mason Rudolph was benched after a miserable showing against the Bengals in favor of Devlin Hodges showing how bad the Steelers’ QB situation really is. James Conner is once again questionable against a stingy Browns run defense and JuJu Smith-Schuster will likely be out as well so the Steelers offense will be even more limited.

Lambeau Field. Photo Credit: Larry Darling | Under Creative Commons License

Lambeau Field. Photo Credit: Larry Darling | Under Creative Commons License

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