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I’m pretty sure a lot of people know about the kneeling and protesting. That protesting some people do mind, and others do not mind. If you look at the biggest issue with the people who do mind and don’t mind, it’s that they truly do not understand what is going on with the other side.

NFL – Should Protestors Stand Or Should They Kneel?

Let’s break down each side:

The Don’t Minds:

This includes the protestors; These people are doing what they are doing because they feel that people, like the “do minds”, need to know about these types of situations.

The kneeling and other protests are not done to disrespect, but done to stand up for that flag, and bring awareness to things that are being done that disrespect that flag and everything it stands for or should stand for. They do it to fight not only for themselves, and their families, they do it to fight for other families.

They want to bring awareness to things that people go through, throughout their lives; Protesting to help protect those who go through it, but aren’t heard.

The NFL is a great way to bring about that awareness. Every flag represents something for everyone, and the players are not protesting the flag; The players are not protesting or disrespecting anything about that flag. They are protesting the disrespectful behavior that goes against what the flag means or should mean.

They protest for this country; Protest for others; They protest for unity.

The Do Minds:

They do not like what is going on as they think it is disrespectful and feel that this country, and those who have and continue to fight for it, should not be disrespected. The protests, and how they are doing it with the flag, they feel is disrespectful.

These people may know or may be the person who fought for that flag; They fought days, months, years to protect that flag and everyone within it. That is either home or abroad. Sacrificing their lives, and some paying the ultimate sacrifice for that flag, and for their brothers, and brothers and sisters at home. They went through everything they did to fight for that flag, and everything it stands for or should stand for.

As mentioned, some paid the ultimate sacrifice for that flag; Some may still have the remembrances of those sacrifices, and others who have sacrificed.

These people do not like the kneeling; What they want is for you to stand for that flag just as proudly as they fought for it. They helped protect your freedoms so help protect that flag by honoring them through that flag.

They want you to stand for this country; Stand for others. They want you to stand for unity.


When you get an understanding from not just one side or another, you can get an understanding of what both sides want; What they want ends up being kind of what they both want. They both want people to respect themselves, and this country. Each side has been through something. Each side is either fighting for or has fought for freedoms, and those freedoms are not just done for themselves, but for anyone who wants or prays to be able to live through those freedoms.

Freedom from oppression.

So each side, if they took the time, could understand each other. If they understand each other then maybe everything between them isn’t between them. Maybe the protests then continue without anything going on;  Maybe they find a different way to do what they are trying to do, like for example: kneel/protest before the anthem; Once the anthem starts you stand proudly; After the anthem is finished, you go back to kneeling/protesting.

Once people understand each other then the issues may not be what each side intermittently assumed they were; They can then both fight for the same high overview reasons they both have done what they have done … protesting/fighting for …

Freedom from oppression.


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